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New Tomb Raider Movie Gets First Trailer

It looks exactly like you'd expect, and that's a good thing.

September 20 @ 08:51 AM

Nintendo Takes Down Multiplayer Mario 64

You might not need 23 friends after all.

September 20 @ 08:46 AM

Speaking of Cross-Play: Halo Comes to the Nintendo Switch Via Minecraft

Remember when people thought the PS4 was the console to beat?

September 20 @ 08:35 AM
September 19 @ 06:33 AM

Final Fantasy IX Launches Today on PlayStation 4

Maybe it is time for a remake...

September 19 @ 06:26 AM

Take a Peek at Some Code Vein Gameplay

I don't care what anyone thinks - it looks sweeeet.

September 18 @ 09:00 PM

Gearbox Offically Stops Updating Battleborn

It's the end of an... era...?

September 18 @ 10:17 AM

Valve Details New "Pro Circuit" for 2017-2018

eSports has come a long way, that's for certain.

September 15 @ 08:49 PM
September 14 @ 07:55 AM

Blizzard Blames Overwatch Player Toxicity for Slow Map and Hero Updates

Probably not wrong, but this can't be a surprise, right?

September 14 @ 07:42 AM
September 13 @ 06:20 AM
September 11 @ 08:04 PM

Destiny 2 Has Loot Caves, Sort of

It's not ideal, but it works.

September 11 @ 07:42 PM

Firewatch Dev Tries to Rally Developers Against PewDiePie

Who's the David and who's the Goliath in this situation?

September 11 @ 07:20 AM
September 10 @ 12:05 PM
September 8 @ 02:41 PM

Your Race Affects Difficulty in The Fractured But Whole

As you can see most of the characters are playing on easy mode.

September 8 @ 07:46 AM

EA and Microsoft take a Stand Against DACA Shutdown

And that's another point for good guy EA.

September 7 @ 08:14 AM
September 6 @ 08:48 AM
September 6 @ 08:32 AM

Splatoon 2 Datamining Uncovers New Modes and Weapons

Not officially confirmed though.

September 5 @ 01:32 PM
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