Ultimate Naval Military Simulator".">
Destroyer The U-Boat Hunter gets a Release Date

Destroyer The U-Boat Hunter gets a Release Date

Dubbed the "Ultimate Naval Military Simulator".

Ranga14 by Ranga14 on Aug 19, 2022 @ 06:52 PM (Staff Bios)
Are you a big fan of Sims? Especially those that resolve around military and combat? Well there's a pretty interesting World War 2 naval simulator game called Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter coming out next month. While I've only played a few flight sims and sometimes jumped in the vehicles in Battlefield, I have to say this one sounds impressive with its realism.

Check out the trailer, screens and description below;

In Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, get ready to immerse yourself in a comprehensive World War II simulator that will have you take on the role of a Fletcher-class destroyer captain. This means that you will be tasked with all the crucial responsibilities of an anti-submarine destroyer attack team. You can choose to automate certain tasks to focus more on the operational side of things, but you can also do it all yourself, from identifying enemy vessels in the distance and plotting their projected inbound trajectories to positioning and commanding allied forces to intercept and attack enemy hostiles. Take complete control of your destroyer and engage in combat in any way you believe is necessary to protect the allied convoy entrusted to you.

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is tailor-made for experienced simulator veterans that are looking for the most realistic experience in the market. The game will have you jumping on the controls of a fully-equipped battleship with limited battlefield awareness, using authentic instruments and naval attack procedures to locate and eliminate enemy U-Boats. The intricacy and attention to detail present in each navigation tool, plotting table, radar, battle-station, etc. Will provide you with a level of immersion rarely seen in the genre.


Here's the features list:
  • Blast from the past: The most realistic and comprehensive WW2 anti-submarine warfare simulation available
  • Impressive realism: Take full control of a Fletcher-class destroyer, using authentic instruments and attack procedures
  • Find your bearings: Learn to track U-boats and analyze their maneuvers with the help of painstakingly recreated plot tables and specialized displays
  • Full immersion: Engage in combat with limited battlefield awareness in an experience tailor-made for simulator veterans.
  • Put your skills to the test: Command an anti-submarine warship with the tactical challenge of managing a whole escort group protecting convoys against relentless AI-controlled enemies

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter releases on the PC via Steam Early Access on September 28.


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