Up to 47% of Gamers Suffer from Insomnia Survey Finds

Up to 47% of Gamers Suffer from Insomnia Survey Finds

An eye-opening stat...

Ranga14 by Ranga14 on Aug 10, 2022 @ 10:33 PM (Staff Bios)
Have you ever had difficulty going to sleep after a long gaming session? Or do you find it easy to go to sleep? Well, according to a recent survey done by fandomspot.com, up to 47% of gamers reported to have some form of insomnia.  They say it might have to due with the blue light emitted by our screens but I really think there's more to it than that.

I will be the first to admit sometimes gaming really gets the mind racing and has you yearning to accomplish the next goal or beat the next mission.  To me this would be more of a culprit than blue light.  Regardless there's different opinions on it. Check out the full detail on the survey below along with how to receive a free hypnosis session to possibly get you sleep patterns in order.

A leading platform for fandoms and online communities has revealed that almost half (47%) of gamers suffer from insomnia, so is offering a free sleep-improving hypnosis session for gamers.

The survey of 4,000 gamers worldwide by FandomSpot.com found that almost half say that they have moderate to extreme problems with their sleep daily.

Of the 47% of gamers who say they have insomnia, almost all of those (92%) say they game on average 2-3 hours per day, with two in five (42%) disclosing that they often game before going to sleep.

As part of its ongoing studies about how gaming affects people, FandomSpot.com conducted the research to reveal how well those who play video games sleep. Following its findings, it has decided to team up with an experienced hypnotist - Kathleen McCauley - who specialises in sleep, to offer a free online sleep-improving hypnosis session to gamers.

To register your interest for the free group hypnosis session with Kathleen McCauley, please click here: https://www.fandomspot.com/study-insomnia-in-gamers/

Gamers from around the world are invited for the free hypnosis session but have to be aged 18 years and above, and be in general good health. There are a maximum of 500 places available, and a minimum of 200 people need to sign up for the session to go ahead.

Blue light - or the more technical term ‘short-wavelength enriched light’ - is emitted from electronic back-lit devices such as cell phones, tablets, e-readers, and computers, all devices used by gamers. In addition to reducing the production of the sleep-stimulating hormone melatonin, studies have also shown that blue light can reduce the time that people spend in slow-wave and rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep - sleep stages that are important for cognitive functioning.*

Previous studies have also proven that hypnosis can increase slow-wave sleep (deep, restorative sleep) by as much as 80% in some people.**

Further findings from the study by the fandom platform revealed that of those gamers who suffer with insomnia, almost four in five people (77%) say that they often do not feel refreshed in the morning and it impacts their activities in the day. In addition, the study also revealed that gamers aged 18 - 34 are the most likely to suffer from sleep problems and deprivation.

The survey of 4,000 US-based gamers included people aged 18 - 64, from a range of backgrounds, to ensure the study was as representative as possible.

FandomSpot.com is the best site to browse fandom content for anything imaginable, from games, movies, and TV shows to anime and even old-school memorabilia. The platform has been created to bring passionate people together to celebrate their fandoms in every possible way.

Kathleen McCauley, an experienced hypnotist, said,

"Hypnosis is often misunderstood, even by the experts. The fact is that we enter light states of hypnosis throughout our day. Anytime we are focused or in the zone, engaging in an activity that is so automatic we don’t even think about it, or become worried about an imagined future event, we are in a light state of hypnosis. It is really just a state of focused attention where you remain in control. Gamers enter a trance-like state when they are gaming.

"Gamers are incredibly imaginative and imagination is the key to the subconscious mind. Join me for a free hypnosis event to harness the power of your subconscious mind and learn how you can enjoy gaming while experiencing a restful night’s sleep every night!"

Alyssa Celatti of FandomSpot.com said,

“As part of our ongoing work uncovering the effects of gaming, many of which are positive, we learnt that a large proportion of gamers are likely to suffer from insomnia. Gamers are a big part of our community and we want to support them in having a healthy lifestyle, while they enjoy gaming.

“We see hypnosis being featured in some of our favourite games - everything from Pokémon to Psychonauts - so we thought let’s offer this in real life to gamers to help them to sleep! We are so excited to partner with Kathleen, an experienced hypnotist, to offer those interested a free group online session to help them to get a better night’s rest. We expect lots of people to sign up - so sign up today to get your place!”


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