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Rocket League Reached 40 Million Players

That is absolutely massive.

January 4 @ 10:38 AM

The 2017 Steam Awards Winners Have Been Announced

They're fair, but unsurprising.

January 4 @ 09:45 AM

The Mastermind Behind The Last Guardian May Be Teasing a New Game

Seems to follow the trend of big beast, small person.

January 4 @ 06:34 AM

Turok for the Xbox One Receives PEGI Rating

Looking forward to the dino dance.

January 4 @ 06:32 AM

The ESA Protests WHO's "Gaming Disorder"

Lawyers Vs Doctors! A thrilling match!

January 4 @ 01:05 AM

PUBG CEO: "I'd Like PUBG to Become a Universal Media Franchise"

Movies, cartoons, animations, and more!

January 4 @ 12:42 AM

Monster Hunter: World for PC Gets a Release Window

It'll be a while, unfortunately.

January 3 @ 07:14 PM

Crytek Is Making Its Own Cryptocurrency

Have you heard about cryptocurrency yet?

January 3 @ 12:32 PM

Microsoft Removes Plagiarized PUBG Xbox One Ad

Major Nelson to get in touch with the original creator.

January 3 @ 09:07 AM

TimeSplitter's Fan Remake Releases 2nd Developer Blog

And it's still a long way to go...

January 3 @ 01:26 AM

Sumo Digital Acquires Eve: Valkyrie Developers, CCP Newcastle

Their plan with the studio remains unknown.

January 2 @ 07:22 PM

PUBG on Other Consoles Will Happen, Eventually

They're talking about PlayStation, primarily.

January 2 @ 06:44 PM
January 2 @ 09:52 AM

Gaming Addiction Getting Recognized by WHO

Possibly. It's looking likely.

January 2 @ 05:39 AM
January 1 @ 05:20 PM

VAC Bans All Linux Users named "Catbot" in Team Fortress 2 [UPDATE]

Which doesnt even stop the hacking software.

January 1 @ 04:52 PM

Need for Speed Payback to Get Online Free Roam Mode

Well... it probably won't nab newcomers but sounds great anyway.

January 1 @ 01:52 PM

Humble Bundle Launches 11 Bit Publisher Sale

Just in case you need to spend more money.

January 1 @ 01:40 PM

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Launches on GOG

An old classic makes its return.

January 1 @ 12:49 PM
December 31 @ 03:43 PM
December 31 @ 03:20 PM

The Nintendo Switch has Been Hacked Successfully

Potentially allowing homebrewed content.

December 31 @ 09:55 AM
December 30 @ 10:42 AM
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