Sony Unveils Custom PS5 Face Plate Color Options

Sony Unveils Custom PS5 Face Plate Color Options

Explaining their past actions.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Dec 13, 2021 @ 10:54 AM (Staff Bios)

If anyone in the games industry can be considered predictable, it’s a corporation's legal team. Just as expected, Sony has unveiled their own line of colored PS5 face plate options.

Over the last couple of months, a number of Sony’s actions were implying that they were going to release their own line of customizable face plates for the recently released PS5 console. This included sending cease and desist orders to third party plate makers, as well as a recently discovered patent. Now the motivation for all this is public.

Introducing Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple. These five options will be available at various points next year. Sony will also offer these colors for DuelSense PS5 controllers (of which, black and red were already available). For those excited enough, some of these options will be available early via the PlayStation Direct store.

While solid colors are alright, this isn’t quite the level of diversity or creativity we were hoping for. There’s no green, for example. And each option is a solid tone without any patterns or designs. It’s a bit underwhelming. And being first party, we don’t anticipate the cost of these plates being worth a simple color swap. Though this does open the door for custom game-related plates, which would be cool.


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