Project Zomboid "Build 41" Launches, The Biggest Update Yet

Project Zomboid "Build 41" Launches, The Biggest Update Yet

Three years after the last update.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Dec 20, 2021 @ 10:13 AM (Staff Bios)
The last three years have been a bit of a chaotic one. But during that time, the developers of Project Zomboid have been hard at work on the biggest update the popular zombie survival game has seen yet. And now, all of that effort is available in the latest update: Build 41.

Officially announced on the games dev blog, developers The Indie Stone announced that the long awaited update has released into Stable. While various components of the update had been available for testing and debugging via the beta version of the game, this change means that theyre done working out the kinks and are ready to push the new content into the main game. They even made a trailer to showcase some of the new additions.

According to the developers, everything from the graphics and the audio to the gameplay and netcode have been significantly remastered and radically improved. They consider it such a significant update, that its practically a sequel. As such, they also warn that it may be a bit more buggy or unrefined than past updates.

So what all is coming with Build 41, anyway? To attempt a brief summary, here are some of the changes.
  • Overhaul to Character customization, change more, see more
  • In game map system
  • New moment system, adding sneaking, sprinkling, jogging, more.
  • New multiplayer system
  • New weapons, combat systems, difficulty balance
  • New injury system
  • New Tutorial
  • New Cities
  • Overhaul to graphics, blood is dynamically visible, see equipment more, etc.
  • Randomized environmental storytelling elements
  • Dead players become zombies
  • Sim style cutaway building vision
  • Soundscape overhaul
  • New Gameplay modes: Apocalypse, Survivor, Builder
  • New Challenge Maps: Kingsmouth, Studio
  • Thermal Body Temperature system
  • New Fitness/Exercise system
  • Dressable Manaquins
  • Working washer/dryer for clothes
  • New loot balance and loot balance system
  • A gigantic list of fixes and QoL improvements.
Project Zomboid has been around since 2013, and has become one of the more revered zombie survival games available on the market. Build 41 will be the first stable update to the game since late 2018. And based on everything listed, its no wonder the developers and the community alike are so excited for it.

If you havent ever played Project Zomboid, now is better than ever to give it a shot. Its available on Steam for $15.


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