The Slime Rancher Let's Play Series: Episode 2

The Slime Rancher Let's Play Series: Episode 2

On to bigger and better things!

AS Unreal by AS Unreal on Dec 16, 2016 @ 12:41 AM (Staff Bios)
Hey everybody and welcome to the second episode of my Slime Rancher Let's Play series! This is all going to be picking up from where I left off last episode. In today's episode I had a few chores I had to take care of around the ranch. Number one, the Phosphor Slimes. Those guys were flying all around their corral and escaping last episode, so I had to make sure that I had their corral sealed tight. As soon as I started out, I decided to gather up whatever plorts I could find so I could put an air net on that bad boy and start farming Phosphor plorts.

Things didn't go very smoothly right out of the gate though. I decided I wanted to do a little bit of exploring in order to find the supplies that I needed to make the air net happen. After taking a few steps into my journey, I returned back home with next to nothing. It was at this point that I had the brilliant idea to feed my Rock Slime some carrots while he was sharing a corral with my Tabby Slimes. This might have been the best mistake I've made so far. The Slimes became Tabby/Rock Largos and I could feed them vegetables instead of chickens in order to produce both Tabby and Rock plorts.

I decided to go back out to hunt for food, and this is when I stumbled across a Golden Slime. Unfortunately, I had no food in my inventory which left the Golden Slime to get away and I was empty-handed. My search for food went very poorly after that. I couldn't find much of anything until I ended up stumbling across a Cuberry tree. I ended up finding the favorite food for the Phosphor Slimes after putting in all the hard work to build the air net for them! I only had 2 Cuberries and I wasn't about to let them go to waste.

I decided to build a garden with the extra cash I made off of the Tabby/Rock Largos. I put the Cuberry in and ended up taking a nap to sleep through the night. In the morning all of my Cuberries were ready to go and I fed my Phosphor Slimes. I then used the money from that to buy the Jet Pack and the upgrade to hold 30 of each item. While this episode certainly wasn't the craziest, I was able to get all of the necessary work done to get my farm on the right path. In the next one, I hope to save up some food, look for a Slime Key inside a Gordo, and maybe unlock some new areas to explore! Thanks for watching guys, and until next time, this is AS Unreal!


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