PUBG Mobile Brings More to the Fans

PUBG Mobile Brings More to the Fans

But will it ever catch up to Fortnite Mobile?

Gorg by Gorg on May 15, 2018 @ 12:26 PM (Staff Bios)
With more and more people embracing the realm of mobile battle-royale games, PUBG Mobile is bringing more content to the fans. One of the most popular maps, Miramaris coming to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile with the new update 0.5.0, available today.

There is so much terrain to explore in this expansive desert, with cities to pillage and enemies to dispatch. Players will have countless ways to beat the storm in this new addition to the PUBG Mobile platform. If you need a quicker shoot'em up experience in your mobile battle-royale experience, then Miramar might just be the map for you.

With the addition of this new map, some other new updates are going to come to PUBG Mobile, including new weapons and vehicles exclusive to the Miramar map. Although this map has been a part of the PC version since December, it has not yet been available for the Xbox One version of PUBG, even though it is being released for mobile. A new season is coming to PUBG Mobile soon after the update with a stat reset and new weekly missions to unlock cosmetic rewards.

If you're always on the move but are craving a chicken dinner, then go check out the new update on PUBG Mobile today.


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