Nintendo Files Trademark for Classic Mini Game Boy

Nintendo Files Trademark for Classic Mini Game Boy

We're gonna run out of classic consoles at this rate.

pocru by pocru on Oct 11, 2017 @ 06:34 AM
Nintendo has released a grand total of two classic consoles now: a classic NES, which sold so well that people are still hunting for one to this day, and a classic Mini SNES, which is still on sale and causing people to go ape. It seems Nintendo has found a nice little source of side-revenue through these limited-edition console re-releases, but they’re starting to run out of consoles to pick from: as popular as a classic mini N64 might be, when we hit that range prices will start to go up and we’ll really be in the “why not just release these games on the virtual console” territory.

But by the looks of things, Nintendo does indeed plan to release a new classic mini console… but this next one might be a bit different.

You see, Nintendo recently applied for a Japanese Trademark for the term “Classic Mini Game Boy”.

A logical direction to take, really. Nintendo released a lot of its classic games on their first mobile console, from Pokemon to Super Mario Land 2, Wario’s Woods and even Metroid 2, so getting all those classic games together into one console seems like just the thing to do. It’s hard to imagine they could make a “mini” Gameboy that would be fun to play, but if you actually look at the trademark, you’ll see Nintendo has tied to term to everything from a smartphone app to watches to home consoles. So while it’s almost certain we’ll be seeing a classic mini Game Boy, the exact form it will take (if it’ll even be released as a console at all) is still a mystery.

Also a mystery is whether or not this glorious handheld will be as successful or as well-stocked as the other two consoles. But then, with how much people love Pokémon, that alone would be enough to sell most people, I'd imagine.


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