New Hearthstone Expansion, The Witchwood Announced

New Hearthstone Expansion, The Witchwood Announced

Something spooky is lurking about.

Gorg by Gorg on Mar 12, 2018 @ 04:01 PM (Staff Bios)
The year of the mammoth is coming to an end, and the year of the raven is just around the corner to any avid duelists in the game of Hearthstone. With this upcoming new season comes a lot of changes to the decks and archetypes that are surrounding the game. With the removal of a lot of last year's expansion's cards coming closer and closer, the new expansion was announced today. The Witchwood is what they are calling it, and with it, players will get 135 new cards as well as a new adventure to take part in on your own.

Using a quirky take on "The Blair Witch Project," the Hearthstone team presented a video, which you can watch below:

The video showcases some of the new cards coming out. Some new card text was also revealed that adds a new way to play to the game. "Rush" works almost exactly like "Charge," but instead of being able to attack your opponent you can only attack other minions on the board. Another new text is "Echo," which allows you to play a card as many times as you want during a turn if you have enough mana, so a 3 mana minion can be played three times on turn 10.

A new version of the ever popular Heartland decks has arose with the new expansion. Instead of not putting any copies of cards into your deck, you no longer can put odd or even manacost cards in your deck. This will unlock effects on your Hero Power such as an upgraded one or one that only costs 1 mana instead of 2.

At the end of the video, the developers freak out about a card that is "too OP" and say they can't possibly make that card and then run away in fear. After dropping the camera you see what looks to be a new Hero Card for the Shaman class; we will have to wait and see if this is what Shaman needs to become viable again.

The last thing the expansion is planning on bringing to the table is a new adventure mode called "Monster Hunt." Little is known about it other than that it comes out two weeks after the expansion and you will not use current heroes during your runs. This expansion also comes with an option of a discounted set of packs, but this time it is 70 packs instead of 50. That is a huge increase for anyone wanting to jump into the game right now.


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