Moves, Details, More About Hero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Moves, Details, More About Hero in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Everything you need to know to use the character.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jul 30, 2019 @ 08:29 AM (Staff Bios)
Hero, the potagonistic teenager from the Dragon Quest series, caused quite a commotion when they were announced as the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. But the details remained scarce. Until now, that is.

Game designer Masahiro Sakurai hosted a recently released video on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, where he explains in complete detail everything about the new fighter, including his release date.

Dragon Quest's Hero will be available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate in a game update today, July 30, 2019.

The video, spanning about 21 minutes long, explains the Hero's design, alternate outfits, attack moves, and just about anything else you could have wanted to know. It also details more about the game update, Version 4.0.0 and some new Mii Fighter costumes that will be available. But let's focus on the fighter.

Hero will feature 4 different protagonists from the Dragon Quest franchise, namely the ones from DQ11, DQ3, DQ4, andDQ8. They have a variety of names in the gaming community, so the development team decided to call them Eleven, Aruso, Solo, and Eight accordingly. These will also be the names heard by the Announcer.

Each Hero will be voice acted, as well. While this is common for Eleven, this will be the first time the other 3 have been voice acted. The voices come from Mitsuki Saiga, Nobuyuki Hiyama (Also voices Link in other smash games), Takeshi Kusao, and Yuki Kaji respectively.

Combat Details
  • All of Hero's general actions were intentionally made "more energetic" than the other sword fighters, to better match the game's style.
  • Smash Attacks can generate Critical Hits that deal extra damage and display a stylized animation.
  • Hero's shield can block projectiles (like Link).
  • The Forward Tilt attack is a shield bash that still blocks projectiles.
  • Special attacks use MP, which is displayed on the player icon and regenerates over time.
  • Special attacks can be charged to deal more damage and greater effects.
  • The Neutral Special attack is a fire spell that shoots outward. It can be charged and held onto for later use (think Samus' laser).
  • The Side Special attack is a zap spell. At the base level, its a quick, disruptive attack but it can be charged for farther reach and damage.
  • The Up Special attack is Woosh magic. This launches the Hero upward in a gust of wind and can be charged for more vertical range. The nearby gust can also knock opponents into the air.
  • The Down Special attack brings up a longer list of spells, referred to as the Command List, that the player can scroll through and activate for their own MP costs.
  • Sheilding will allow the player to cancel the Command List selection.
  • The Final Smash, Gigaslash, sweeps over a large vertical area in front of the player. If an opponent is caught inside, they will be bombarded by a team of Dragon Quest protagonists.
  • Each Hero has their own music, for maximum nostalgia.

Command List Spells and Effects
  • Oomph: raises general attack power
  • Psych Up: raises power of next attack, but stronger
  • Bounce: reflect projectiles for a limited time
  • Heal: reduces current Hero's damage level
  • Flame Slash: deals damage to a wide area in front of the player
  • Kacrackle Slash: deals damage and can freeze opponents
  • Acceleratle: dramatically increase player speed
  • Kaboom: activate an explosion at a range
  • Snooze: casts a slow-moving wave that puts opponents to sleep
  • Thwack: instant KO attack, but only if the opponent has enough damage built up
  • Zoom: recover from almost anywhere
  • Keclang: become an unmoving, impervious metal statue for a limited time
  • Metal Slash: instantly KO a metal opponent
  • Hocus Pocus: applies a random effect, which could be either good or bad to the player
  • Magic Burst: use up your remaining MP to deal damage in the immediate area, the more MP, the stronger it is
  • Kamakazee: create a powerful explosion, at the cost of a self-KO
When you take into consideration all of the moves the Hero can perform, they have the largest attack list of any Smash Bros character.

The Hero will be available on July 30. They also come with a new stage called Yggdrasil's Altar. The fighter is part of the Fighter Pack, available for $24.99, or a single separate DLC for $5.99.


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