Monster Hunter: World is the Fastest-Selling Game Capcom has Ever Made

Monster Hunter: World is the Fastest-Selling Game Capcom has Ever Made

They've finally struck gold

pocru by pocru on Feb 12, 2018 @ 08:14 AM (Staff Bios)
Monster Hunter: World, which is so far a very early contender for “Game of the Year,” has earned a lot of well-deserved love for taking the familiar Monster Hunter series and bringing it to the west in force, not only foregoing popular triple-A gaming tomfoolery such as loot boxes but also stripping away the annoying, complicated parts of the series that had long deterred people from diving straight in.

And Capcom is reaping the rewards for it, too. After a couple of years of less-than-exciting sales (even finding the impressive sales that Resident Evil 7 was able to pull unsatisfactory), it seems they’ve finally found a winner here, and it was just announced that they have managed to ship a whopping 6 million units so far, making it the fastest-selling game that Capcom has ever released.

Shipping isn’t quite the same as copies sold, of course. “Shipped” games are just games sold to retailers who will then sell it again to consumers. But the fact that there’s such demand for this game—and the fact this doesn’t seem to take digital sales into account—means that Monster Hunter World is selling really, really well, and will likely continue to do so for some time. And this is even before the PC version is launched, which is supposed to hit Autumn of this year. So Capcom has a LOT to look forward too.

It’s often been speculated that Monster Hunter’s popularity in the East is one of the few reasons the company’s been able to stay in business as of late. In fact, it was so popular they even licensed an official MMORPG for the series in China. It was never quite as successful when brought over to the West, but I imagine if Capcom keeps improving the formula like this, they won’t have any problems justifying future ports.

And it really is well-deserved. Good job, guys.


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