Kojima is Making a New Game for Xbox, Something He's "Always Wanted to Make"

Kojima is Making a New Game for Xbox, Something He's "Always Wanted to Make"

Their relationship with Sony remains healthy, though.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jun 13, 2022 @ 08:20 AM (Staff Bios)
Nothing says Oh boy, here we go again, like seeing Kojima show up at a video game showcase event. Xbox has revealed that they are collaborating with the acclaimed developers studio, Kojima Productions, for a strange new game.

Announced Sunday during the Xbox Bethesda showcase, Xbox and Kojima revealed plans for a new game. Kojima himself explained that the idea is a completely new concept and only possible thanks to the platform's powerful cloud gaming infrastructure. He also describes it as something hes always wanted to make.

Literally no further information was revealed about the game, leaving us to severely speculate as to what to expect. Kojima is known for his obscure and strange ideas, with the studios last game, Death Stranding, being a perfect example of what they can achieve when left to their own devices. So when he says that its something completely new to the industry, were inclined to believe it.

This announcement has brought up some questions regarding their Sony partnership. Many folks online asked Kojima whether this means they are no longer in partnership with Sony (Death Stranding being a PlayStation exclusive at launch). He later responded on Twitter, saying that they continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation as well.

One potential direction to look, should we dare try and parse what theyre working on, is toward a supposed leak. Earlier this month, Tom Henderson of Try Hard Guides claims to have seen in development footage of a game Kojima Productions is working on. According to them, it is a horror game called Overdose, which stars Margaret Qualley. The actress previously appeared in Death Stranding as Mama. Its quite possible that this is the game they are making for Xbox.

There is another possibility. In a recent interview actor Norman Reedus (who played the protagonist for Death Stranding) revealed that they just started working on a second Death Stranding game. Granted, Reedus isnt the most familiar with video games or the industry, so its possible that he was mistaken and that they are working on the Xbox game. Its also possible that whatever Henderson saw was actually Death Stranding 2, with the in-development code name of Overdose.

There are MANY questions, and far too few answers. The only way well know for sure is to wait and see.


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