Hideo Kojima Teases Death Stranding With "Create The Rope" Video

Hideo Kojima Teases Death Stranding With "Create The Rope" Video

Let's hear your speculation in the comments.

LizardRock by LizardRock on May 27, 2019 @ 06:53 AM (Staff Bios)
I hope you weren't hoping to have a clear and understandable morning. Because Hideo Kojima has released another Death Stranding trailer, and it's just as strange and mysterious as usual.

Hideo Kojima, the director of games like Metal Gear Solid and the upcoming Death Stranding, published a video on Twitter recently with a Death Stranding hashtag.

Link to Video

The 30-second clip shows a hand print at first. After a moment, we can see Sam (protagonist played by Normal Reedus) doing... something with his suit, it looks like, from within the handprint, while the area around the print becomes waving black liquid. The words "Create The Rope" appear in the center of the screen.

Like every time this game becomes trending on Twitter, no one is too sure as to what it means. Since its reveal, Death Stranding has been absolutely full of hidden meanings and indirect symbolism.

Don't worry, folks. Like everyone else online, I have a theory as to what this is in reference to.

What We Know: It's been established that in Death Stranding, the protagonist is a delivery man of sorts. Traversing the open land is extremely dangerous due to invisible monsters, and the protagonist is tasked with transporting important items between societies. This ranges from mementos to returning a dead body to their home. One of the effects of these monsters is rapid aging. As a preventative measure, the protagonist carries a fetus clone of himself on him in this external womb type thing. This way the "baby" self will be able to take over as a grown adult if the original guy is rapidly aged to death.

If I had to guess, the Rope is the tether between the protagonist and his emergency clone. They seem to share the same level of intelligence, so I could imagine that there's a special link between them, a rope that ties them together, so to speak.

It's also worth noting that in the E3 2018 trailer for the game, we see that the invisible creatures create handprints in the mud as they move, which fill with a black liquid.

Of course, this is pure speculation. Kojima is an enigmatic force and I don't expect to be able to accurately predict his intentions.

Death Stranding will release on PlayStation 4 at an unannounced date.


The official Kojima Productions Twitter account has posted about Death Stranding. Pointing at May 29, Wednesday.

"The countdown of #DEATHSTRANDING has started... May 29th. 
Create the rope."

This clearly ties in with the original teaser. But HOW? Whatever they're alluding to, it's happening on May 29. Stay tuned.

Update 2:

Kojima is keeping to that slow drip feed. He has now posted another Twitter video in the same format as the first. But this time, it says "help us reconnect." We still aren't sure what it means.


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