GTA 5 Sells Around 115 Million Units

GTA 5 Sells Around 115 Million Units

It's growing.

pocru by pocru on Nov 08, 2019 @ 06:18 AM (Staff Bios)
This is your quarterly reminder that GTA 5 is still doing a pretty good job at making Take-Two and Rockstar money.

I know, I know. It hardly counts as news anymore. But it’s still somehow at least a little surprising for me to learn that this six-year-old game is still making big bucks: and not just with DLC and microtransactions, but with people buying the game for the first time in their lives. As if they decided now was just the best time to hop into things.

Back in May of this year, sales of GTA 5 had settled at a nice and even 110 million copies – which, in case math wasn’t your best subject in school, is a very good number. Since then, however, sales haven’t exactly slowed down, as a recent financial report says that they’ve not breached the 115 million mark: which means that, so far, GTA 5 has been selling roughly 5 million copies every six months or so.

Meanwhile, Rockstar’s other smash hit, Red Dead Redemption 2, has only sold around 26.5 million copies. Meager by comparison, but it’s important to remember that for most video games, 26.5 million would count as an unmitigated success.

But if that were the case for Take-Two, they wouldn’t be such Rockstars, amirite?


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