GTA 5 Sells Around 110 Million Units

GTA 5 Sells Around 110 Million Units

It's doing alright I guess.

pocru by pocru on May 14, 2019 @ 05:42 AM (Staff Bios)
With all the talk of Fortnite crushing records both in player count and in money raised, it’s easy to forget that technically the video game that’s sold the most units around the world is GTA V, since the paid version of Fortnite just adds that “save the world” business that no one plays. But despite the fact that GTA V is over six years old now, the game is still out-performing the competition - so much so, that in a recent call, publisher Take-Two announced that not only has this game exceeded sales expectations so far this year, it’s also managed to hit the groundbreaking record of 110 million sales worldwide.

But that’s not all - the game’s often lauded, often hated online mode, GTA Online, continues to grow as well, racking up cash that continue to exceed even the boldest expectations. Which sounds like it should be surprising, but if you remember the days of GTA IV and the MMO boon, there were always people who hyped at the idea of making a purely online GTA experience. So it just sort of makes sense that people would continue to relish the chance to make their long-awaited dreams come true.

If there’s any bad news from this recent financial report, it’s that the much-beloved Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t doing quite as well. While the main game has sold 24 million units (which is only bad when compared to friggin’ GTA V), the online mode is doing way, way worse… so much so that it seems unlikely that Rockstar will put much effort, for the time being, in porting the game to the PC.

All of this would feel better, of course, if it wasn’t for the accusations of enormous crunch periods within the company. Hopefully as they continue to roll out content for GTA and Red Dead Online, they ease up on that mess. Then this would just be good news all around.

Except the part where Take-Two gets money. That’s the bad news.


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