Former Skies of Arcadia Developer Wants to Make a Sequel

Former Skies of Arcadia Developer Wants to Make a Sequel

I really want this.

pocru by pocru on Jan 15, 2020 @ 05:00 AM (Staff Bios)
Those of you who are unfortunate enough to know me know that I have an incredible fondness for Sega’s Skies of Arcadia, a seminal JRPG produced for the Sega Dreamcast, remastered for the Nintendo GameCube, and occasionally referenced in other Sega titles, like Valkyria Chronicles and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. It’s one of those games that has a passionate, but fairly small fan-base, many of whom have been hoping for a remaster – or even a sequel – for the longest of times.

Generally, those desires have failed to produce much, as the last time Skies of Arcadia was really in the news was back in 2015, when Sega was at the tail end of remastering some of its older games and Skies of Arcadia was floated as a potential contender for the honor.

But since it’s 2020, this year happens to be the 20th anniversary of the game’s Dreamcast release, and to commemorate this occasion, one of the developers of the project, Kenji Hiruta, has gone on Twitter to say that he would very much like to revive the series, and has urged his followers to start asking for a remake or, more specifically, a sequel.

He’s even going so far as to say that he’ll collect people who comment on his twitter feed and submit it to Sega, to hopefully convince them to consider the idea of bringing back Vyse and the world of piracy that Arcadia depicted.

I’ve commented on the Twitter feed. And in an act of shameless promotion that no real journalist would ever dream to do, I’m gonna urge ya’ll to do the same. Seriously. I don’t care if you’ve never played the series before, go to Twitter and say you want a sequel or a remake. I want this too badly to just ignore it.

So do it.



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