Battlefield 1 Winter Update Goes Live

Battlefield 1 Winter Update Goes Live

Big changes for a big conflict.

pocru by pocru on Feb 15, 2017 @ 03:17 AM

Battlefield 1’s next (and first) big DLC, They Shall Not Pass, is rocking forward, which promises to introduce new maps, weapons, tanks, and elite classes. However, while we wait, EA has released the big Winter Update for the game, which brings a host of changes (free, of course) to the game in anticipation for the arrival of the French.

Perhaps the biggest change is the re-introduction to Ribbons. There are 20 to start with, and every time one is earned in combat, you’ll get 300 XP. Since this is a Battlefield game, we can assume you’ll get Ribbons for helping your team and squad.

There’s also Elite Codex’s, which you can unlock when you get 500+ kills with each of the games 8 mail weapons. Once you do, you’ll get a little bit of flavor text, and a lot of XP: 25,000.

You’ll need that extra XP, too, as the maximum class rank has bene increased, up to 50. As you crawl up the ranks, you’ll receive Battlepacks (hooray?) every ten levels, and new dog tags sporadically. Once you cap off, you’ll get extra class flair, which will show up when you kill foes.


Oh, and now, owners of rented servers have the ability to boot out players right from the UI, which is a feature they really should have had from the beginning.

This all comes, of course, with a whole slew of balance and bug fixes. You can find the whole list here, if you want: it’s a long, but good read, especially if you’re a dedicated battlefield fan. Personally, I'm looking forward to the reduced cooldowns on the vehicle smokescreens: the trolling opportunities there are outstanding. Anyway, you can use the time between now and the release of They Shall Not Pass to get familiar with the new game, and new meta.


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