Stories from the Outlands"">
Apex Legends' "Voidwalker" Video Explains Wraith's Origin

Apex Legends' "Voidwalker" Video Explains Wraith's Origin

More than just newcomers will get "Stories from the Outlands"

LizardRock by LizardRock on Sep 03, 2019 @ 08:23 AM (Staff Bios)
Of all the playable characters in Apex Legends, none of them are quite as mysterious as Wraith. But that mystery was made a little more clear in EA's latest video: Stories from the Outlands Voidwalker.

The video, spanning a little over eight minutes long, reveals the stealth character's origin and escape from an IMC Detention Facility.

Story Breakdown: Spoilers Below

It begins with an armored and masked individual entering and hacking an IMC Detention Facility computer, searching for a particular scientist. Their efforts are interrupted by facility guards as they soak the technology in gasoline, intending to burn everything down. Trapped in a room building with fire, they use a portal technology device on their arm to warp into the Void. In the safety of the void, where many parallels of themselves are seen, they escape the fire and begin their escape. They stop when they discover Wraith being restrained by a scientist. After rescuing her, the individual opens their mask to reveal that they are also Wraith. Working together, they find the scientist that Wraith 1 was looking for. Trapped in a corner, Wraith 1 gives their portal device to Wraith 2 and tells them to escape. They finally leave the facility, looking out to see the construction of a new local development: the Apex Games.

The story manages to explain a lot about Wraith's character and why her abilities work the way they do. The voice that helps the player in-game, for example. It also introduces a slew of new questions, like "why are there multiple Wraiths?"

This is the second Stories from the Outlands video Apex Legends has produced. The first was released alongside the reveal of their newest character, Wattson. At the time, we assumed it was included as an explanation of a new person. We certainly didn't expect the classic fighters to get the same treatment. Not that we're complaining.

With any luck, we'll see Pathfinder's origin next.

Apex Legends can be played for free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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