Xbox Patent Reveals a Braille-Based Controller

Xbox Patent Reveals a Braille-Based Controller

Both reading and writing Braille.

LizardRock by LizardRock on May 09, 2019 @ 10:32 AM (Staff Bios)
Xbox continues to be at the forefront of accessibility in gaming. A new patent has been discovered for an Xbox Game Controller that supports Braille.

Discovered first by Dutch gaming website Let's Go Digital, Microsoft has filed a patent last week for a controller accessory that would enable the user to read and write Braille. The attachment connect to the back of the controller, where nine dot matrices would create Braille characters for the user to feel. There are also six paddle-like appendages that the user can use to input Braille characters for the game to read.

The attachment appears to also support voice-to-text inputs and a number of different haptic feedback options.

But, like all patents. There is no guarantee that this will make it to production and public markets. But based on Microsoft's dedication to creating accessible options for disabled gamers, this seems like exactly what they want to create.

I admit, I'm not entirely sure what kind of games would be available to blind gamers. But I'm glad it'll be a little easier for them now.


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