Xbox One is Getting Mouse and Keyboard Compatibility Soon

Xbox One is Getting Mouse and Keyboard Compatibility Soon

Is it cheating or not?

JesseCecchetto by JesseCecchetto on Sep 08, 2017 @ 02:41 PM (Staff Bios)
The prospect of Xbox One games getting mouse and keyboard compatibility is a pretty scary scenario for most people in the community, excluding PC players of course. It's common knowledge that using a mouse and keyboard rather than a controller gives you a considerable advantage over people using a controller in terms of twitch movements, reaction time, and accuracy. The vast majority of console players use the controllers that they've been provided, but some gamers whom could be considered "above-average" have taken the liberty of hooking up a keyboard and mouse to their console in an attempt to improve their performance.

This is a pretty controversial topic when it comes to both competitive and even casual play, but it seems like the executives over at Xbox are more than happy to make this a more accessible option. At PAX West this past weekend, Mike Ybarra, Xbox executive, stated that mouse and keyboard compatibility would be coming "soon" and that they're currently figuring out how to properly executive this decision.

Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming; we have to be very smart about how we do that, Ybarra said. Well leave it a lot to developer choice.

Which games will receive mouse and keyboard compatibility is ultimately up to the developers of course, so let's hope that your favorite game devs don't open the PC master race floodgates onto Xbox. Blizzard, for instance, has publicly stated that they don't condone the use of mouse and keyboard on console for Overwatch, and it's fairly likely that other FPS games will make the same decision. Only time will tell.

What do you think about using mouse and keyboard on consoles? Is it cheating or not?


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