Ultimate Chicken Horse: A-Crobra-tic Update Adds Levels, Items, More

Ultimate Chicken Horse: A-Crobra-tic Update Adds Levels, Items, More

An even cross-platform play support.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Feb 21, 2020 @ 09:25 AM (Staff Bios)
A new update is coming to Ultimate Chicken Horse, the ever-evolving party game by Clever Endeavour Games. With new items, new maps, and a new playable animal, get ready for the A·cobra·tic update! It even has cross-play.

Get it? Cause it has acrobatics and also a new snake character?

Arriving March 12, this will be a free update to all players on both PC and console. Here's a breakdown of everything new:

The Snake

The "cobra" part in acrobatic, this update, the Snake will be the newest edition to the playable animal list. To help them keep up with the others, they move around on a skateboard. They'll also come with a variety of alternate outfits, including hoverboard, scarf, ball cap, and cobra. 

Two New Levels: Space and Ballroom

For a touch of something fancy, players can now compete on The Ballroom stage. Set in the ceiling of a fancy party hall, the players must navigate from chandelier to chandelier to reach the exit. Be careful when planning your traps, however; the starting location changes every round.

For a touch of something sci-fi, Space should be more of your cup of tea. Starting from the extended arm of a Canadian spacecraft, the players have to navigate upward toward the goal. Be careful, though. An alien UFO is emitting a tractor beam, constantly pulling the players up toward it. The closer they are, the stronger the effects of the beam. And if that isn't enough, giant, flaming tennis balls scatter the space-scape.

New Items

There are four new blocks added to the random rotation of objects. Each one adds a new challenge to competing players, assuming they're used cleverly, of course.
  • The Beehive: First player to run past this object will have a swarm of bees chasing them. Keep moving to avoid their wrath.
  • Cannon: Not the combat kind, but the circus kind. Whenever a player makes contact with a cannon, they will enter it and fire out of the front. This can help players avoid problems, or fire them directly into more problems.
  • Flamethrower: A danger block, this object shoots fire from its nozzle at regular intervals. Not sure of when it'll start firing? You can tell from the gauge on the side.
  • One-way Gate: This door only opens for folks on the left side. Make sure you're ready to move forward once you go through, there's no going back.
Cross-Platform Play

Console players no longer have to play separated (mostly). The update also introduces cross-platform play between PC, the Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the developers we unable to get Xbox One in on this list. This is because of the way Xbox requires servers to work for crossplay conflicting with how their current server system works.

The A·cobra·tic update will release for free to all players on March 12, 2020. It also includes a variety of bug fixes. For more information, visit the official website.


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