Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Details

Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Details

And it's available in stores now!

AS Unreal by AS Unreal on Oct 28, 2016 @ 01:17 AM
With the launch of Titanfall 2 today, I wanted to give a little information regarding the single player. While Titanfall 1 had no single player campaign whatsoever, the new title has promised a true campaign and will deliver one to players this time around. The campaign puts the player in control of Jack Cooper, a soldier who has always wanted to get the chance to be a pilot. Well, it just so happens that the pilot of Titan BT-7274 was killed and Jack will finally get his opportunity to use his own Titan. The IMC, a group who wishes to overtake all of your friendly colonies and resources will be your main target in the game.

The campaign in its entirety will take less than five hours for experienced, speedy players and around seven or more for the casual gamers out there. Each level will also have collectibles, so achievement hunters rejoice and sing as you'll get your chance to earn some big bucks here. While the game is a shooter, the campaign of Titanfall 2 isn't all about blasting down dirty enemies. You'll have to use the full potential of your Titan and pilot abilities to overcome obstacles, which may also create some slow and tedious gameplay for the players that are less familiar to the game.

All in all, the campaign offers up a full experience to all of those that wish to give it a shot. It doesn't look bad and I'm pretty impressed with the progress Respawn has made with there latest installment in the series. The fans have spoken and Respawn has surely been listening. Make sure to pick up your copy today!


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