The Ultimate Rocket League Guide!

The Ultimate Rocket League Guide!

Let's go Rocketeers!

AS Unreal by AS Unreal on Oct 06, 2016 @ 01:45 PM (Staff Bios)
Hey everybody and welcome to the first Gamerz Unite guide! Throughout this guide, I'm going to do my best to teach you all of my personal tips and tricks when it comes to Rocket League. I'm always playing the game, learning new things, and I want to share it all with you! I'll be covering the three basic training simulators that come with the game, as well as uploading some competitive play so you can see it all come together. The training can be a bit slow and personally, I'm not a huge fan of the modules, but it gets the job done so that's what we're going to start off with!

Goalie Training

So right out of the gates here we're going to tackle the first of the training simulators, which would be goalie training. The first two levels of this training are extremely simple and don't offer up too much unless you're brand new to the game. If you do happen to be brand new, feel free to try these out and see how you do. The most practical use for the lower levels of this training is simply to practice clears. You can see how the ball reacts to your car and learn which ways you should be making contact in order to set your team up with great opportunities. I cover this a bit in the video and show some different ways you can get the ball out of the zone!

The All-Star level training is where things get fairly difficult. This is more about learning than training though. Normally, you'll have to watch the ball go by on the first shot, reset the clock, and try for yourself. If you don't, it's almost impossible to correctly guess the speed and angle of the ball on your first playthrough. Learning the patterns can be helpful though, as the shots the game takes are pretty realistic in terms of placement.

In real game situations, players should have a solid rotation between goalies. This helps keep people full of boost and allows players to have breakout opportunities. If you designate one person to stay in net, you won't have as fluid of a game and you'll have fewer opportunities to score. The key to goalie is keeping the ball not only out of net, but also away from the other team. If they take a long shot, you need to make sure you don't let up a juicy rebound. Direct the ball toward your own teammates or pop it over your enemy's head in order to turn it into a scoring opportunity. The way you save the ball can even differ depending on what map you're playing on.

Striker Training

Next up we have striker training. Now, I don't really like the striker training in the game. I don't like any of them, but I definitely think the striker training is one of the worst. I don't think that you learn how to score by using this module at all, because it's not realistic. The training teaches how to aim the ball at the net, but scoring is so much more complicated than that. In this video, I just showcase some of the most basic ball touches and how the physics between the ball and car play off one another.

There are several different shots, each one having a specific time and place in order to be effective. It's up to you to decide which shot you should be taking based off of your judgment, position, and experience with the game. The first shot I want to talk about is the chip shot. You take a chip shot by simply driving into the ball. If the ball is rolling along the ground or is gently bouncing, by hitting the ball off the hood of your car it causes the ball to fly up into the air. The height of the chip depends on your speed, the ball's speed, and the angle the ball is hit. Chip shots are best used for setting up teammates with rebound, crossing the ball across the field to a teammate, or to pop the ball up over a goalie that's challenging too far out of net.

Another standard shot is the front flip. By front flipping into the ball, you can make a number of different shots depending on what car you're using, the angle you hit the ball, and the speed of both your car and the ball. These shots tend to be much lower to the ground, unless you hit the ball while it's in mid-air. If the front of your car touches the ball while flipping, it will normally stay low, but if the back of your car hits it slightly up off the ground, the ball with fly up high much like a baseball bat hitting a ball up into the air. These are best used for quick, low shots on a keeper who is back into the net waiting for a pop-up.

The final basic shot is the side flip. These can be used in the exact same way as a front flip, but with a different approach. If you approach the ball on the left side and do a right side flip into the ball, the ball with be shot off to the right. If you approach it from the left, the opposite will happen. These are best used to get the ball away from the goalie. If the netminder is in good position to stop both a front flip or chip shot, you need to get it around him. Odds are, if he's facing you head on, you can shoot the ball in either direction farther than he can side roll. Aim your shot based on his position, your position, and where the ball is positioned relative to your car.

Everything that I show in the training modules will be covered in game. I'll show you in both double and standard how you should be positioned for a save, where you should send the ball in certain situations, the power you should put into it, and the angle you should approach the ball at. These videos will be posted up as the guide goes on. For now, this is where it ends. If you're seeing the guide in this early stage, make sure you bookmark the page. It's going to be updated every week as I play more and get videos out to give you a visual representation of what I'm talking about! Next up, shooting power and shot placement!


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