The Rise of Female Gamers in the 2000's

The Rise of Female Gamers in the 2000's

One of the best things to ever happen to gaming...

Ranga14 by Ranga14 on Oct 12, 2020 @ 11:09 PM (Staff Bios)
Throughout gaming history, it's believed that a male player base mainly dominates the industry, and females haven't staked a large claim yet. However, this isn't the case. In-fact, throughout many regions over the globe, the female to male ratio is around 41% female and 59 per cent, male.

Back when streaming first started, there were hardly any female gamers streaming their videos and sharing their gameplay. Still, now in 2020 the industry is nearly evenly split into regions such as Asia. On the other hand, gaming developers have recently released stats that show 48% of the overall Call of Duty player base are female!

Other platforms throughout other industries like gaming are becoming increasingly popular amongst women also, and Bingo is a prime example. Fantastic companies like 888 ladies are seeing massive influxes of women to their websites, and it's for a good reason.

Popular Female Streamers

Within recent years, platforms like Twitch and YouTube have taken off and attracted the gaming community. Twitch to this day remains one of the largest streaming platforms that cater to the interests of its tens of millions of users. Each user has their style of streaming and some more entertaining than others. Some, on the other hand, aren't particularly good at gaming (skilled), but they're entertaining to watch.

The great thing about the Twitch streaming community is that they're accepting of anyone and everyone humble enough and produce good content. However, these streamers become the perfect source of marketing for gaming brand style companies like G-fuel, the gaming sports drink brand, as these streamers have large followings and their fans will buy into whatever the streamer is into.

Let's get into some of the most massive female streamers at the moment:

1. KittyPlaysGames

Also known as Kristen, this 26-year-old streamer from British Columbia has over 800,000 followers, and she's in the top 100 streamers using the platform. Kristen keeps on top of the most trending games like Fortnite, PUBG and CS: GO and tries to keep a calm and relaxed gaming environment. However, that's not the only thing Kristen is known for, as she produces vlogs where she talks about cooking, travel and other experiences racing supercars.

2. LegendaryLea

Another popular streamer is the LegendaryLea, also known as Lea May Currier. The experience she provides is friendly and holistic, and she's also a major in Neuroscience and Physiology! Her subscriber count for twitch is an impressive 640,000 +, and it's growing each week for a good reason!

Her favourite game to play whilst on stream is CS: GO and Hearthstone, and she loves to interact with her viewers whilst playing. However, she's a big believer of 'keeping things fresh' and will sometimes post videos from games like Sims 4.

3. Kaceytron

Also known as Kasey Caviness, with a following of over 470,000, Kaceytron has built up a name for herself on the massive Blizzard Entertainment games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Kaceytron has used her sexuality and all controversy towards her as a means to keep her fanbase growing. She's fascinating to watch because of her sarcastic humour and comebacks, coupled with her too bold personality.

However, she also likes to mix it up sometimes and plays GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) as well.

4. XMinks

Chelsea Hails from Australia has become one of the most massive female streamers on the platform, boasting over 355,000 followers. Before streaming, she studied to take up a career in pharmacy and worked as a technician in a dispensary.

In recent months, she's switched her gameplay up and has resorted to playing popular games like Call of Duty and H1Z1. She's well known throughout the overall Call of Duty community, and she's ranked as one of the best.

5. DingleDerper

Tory, aka DingleDerper, is yet another popular Twitch, gamer girl. She streams mainly games like PUBG and CS: GO, and this has resulted in a following of around 370,000 people. She's known for sharing details about her personal life, which has given her a unique edge over many other female gamers out there.

She's really into her cosplay and generally starts each stream off with something different, whilst playing League of Legends. She has fresh and a varied style of content, and she's incredibly charismatic and lively. Arguably one of the most likeable streamers out there.


So, will female gamers eventually overtake the percentage of male gamers? It's tough to tell at this stage, but there's certainly no denying the substantial growth that the female streamers have seen. However, streamers like Summit1g has over 5.3 million followers, so it's going to take some beating.

One thing is for sure though, it's slowly becoming less of a male-dominated industry, and that truly is refreshing to see, and the fans think the same too.


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