The Plans for Elite Dangerous Are Laid Out

The Plans for Elite Dangerous Are Laid Out

Big plan for an even bigger universe.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Oct 09, 2017 @ 08:04 AM (Staff Bios)
Elite Dangerous is a well-known space exploration RPG released in 2014. At the most recent Frontier Expo 2017, we got a rundown of what Frontier Developments plans for this game in Q1 and Q4 of next year.

The Q1 update will act as a building stone for the Q4 update. While it will contain new features, it primarily contains core improvements:
  • The more you craft something, the better it gets
  • Police/Military ships will be made much stronger to better establish how repercussions of crime
  • Better access to better trade data, for better decisions
  • Wing Missions you can perform solo or with friends
  • Improved graphics for planets
  • The Guardians narrative will be continued
  • A personal Narrative can be unlocked
  • Players will be able to listen to GalNet news while flying our ships
  • New Ships: The Chieftain and The Krait
Q4 Update contains the more exciting changes, designed to really build upon the game and its mechanics:
  • Squadrons for better player/team organization
  • Squadrons will be able to purchase their own fleet carriers. A portable base of operations
  • New tools for mining. New features in hopes of making mining a fully fleshed out feature
  • Improved Lighting Model
  • Improvements to the scatter rocks system
  • New Planetary Environment
  • Exploration Improvements
  • The Codex will log discoveries and act as an encyclopedia
  • New phenomenons/anomalies to find in the galaxy
  • New ship
  • New Thargoids
  • Station Alert
  • New Weapon/Module: Remote Flak and Field Neutraliser
No doubt these changes will help this game become everything people wanted from others in this genre (No Man's Sky). This is a summarized recap of all the content and changes to come. You can watch the event for yourself with the video below:


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