The Metro Exodus Epic Game Store Deal Prompts a Round of Review Bombs

The Metro Exodus Epic Game Store Deal Prompts a Round of Review Bombs

People are not happy, it seems.

pocru by pocru on Jan 31, 2019 @ 01:35 AM (Staff Bios)
If you recall, earlier this week, Deep Silver and Epic Games announced rather abruptly that they would be pulling their upcoming (and highly anticipated game) Metro Exodus from the Steam store and make it an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year – seemingly for no other reason than the fact that it means Deep Silver would technically make more money. A perfectly reasonable decision from a business standpoint, but to consumers, who don’t really care about bottom lines, it was a much rawer deal, especially if these customers had no interest in the Epic Game Store in the slightest.

Even Steam went on board as saying how unfair this whole thing is.

Well, now the fans are getting their turn to express their disinterest, in the only way they really know how: review-bombing the other Metro games on Steam and other platforms. In fact, over the past few days, the two games that make up Metro Exodus’s prequels – Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light -- have gotten over 3000 negative reviews, triggering Steam’s “review bomb” warning on both games. And these are negative reviews, I remind you, they don’t deserve because frankly, the games are very, very good.

And the reviews are predictably full of bile. We have:

Deep Silver is NOT epic

Deep Silver is screwing over there fans just to make a quick buck.

The people who make sthis game are scumbags

What a pile of crap from a crapy publisher, played 1.8 houres of 'tunnels'...boooring. horrible voice acting and just a silly story. Nobody will even know about exodus , it will not be noticed. Good luck making any sales now deep silver or whatever you are.

So it’s pretty messed up, and frankly unsurprising, but I doubt it will change any minds over at Epic Games or Deep Silver. They’re in it for the money, after all, and that’s what this deal will get them. Player interests be damned.


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