TES Saves Fans Life, Bethesda Steps Up

TES Saves Fans Life, Bethesda Steps Up

This story is heartwarming all around.

pocru by pocru on May 18, 2017 @ 05:00 AM (Staff Bios)
I’m always on the lookout for companies being cool and friendly, especially since it seems nine out of ten times they’re just working overtime to screw their fans over (looking at you, Ubisoft and Nintendo). There are a few who can be counted on to be fairly consistently cool, like Blizzard, but one of the all-time winners of the “cool folks” department would have to be Bethesda, as long as you’re willing to ignore that one cringe-worthy time they gave a couple a lifetime’s worth of swag in exchange for naming their baby “Dovakin”.

We all make mistakes, okay?

In this particular instance, a user named velorok started trending on image-sharing website Imgur when he shared a detailed story about how his copy of The Elder Scroll Anthology, a collection of every Elder Scrolls game made so far, literally saved his life by stopping a bullet that had gone through his apartment wall and would have otherwise collided with him. While he was unscathed, most of the games in the anthology were destroyed, leaving him a little bummed… but I mean, “death by cosmically bad luck” vs “losing some video games” is not a hard choice to make at all.

Fortunately, someone over at Bethesda heard his tale of woe, and he took to Imgur again just yesterday to show off “thanks for not dying and free publicity” prizes that Bethesda offered him, and let me tell you, it looks like an awfully sweet deal. Not only did he get a replacement copy of the Elder Scrolls Anthology, it came signed by many of the people who worked on them, making it a real collector’s item. Then, for future bullet-related incidents, he got a giant Shrine of Azura bronze statue (perfect for blocking bullets) AND an AER9 Laser Rifle model (for returning fire).

You can see all the pictures here, and it’s worth a look simply for being so heartwarming. Bethesda certainly didn’t owe their fan so much, and yet, they provided anyway out of the goodness of their hearts. God bless.


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