Summer Games Done Quick Raises Record Breaking $3 Million for Charity

Summer Games Done Quick Raises Record Breaking $3 Million for Charity

Doctors Without Borders, But with Additional Funding.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jul 01, 2019 @ 09:38 AM (Staff Bios)
After an entire week of live streaming, video game charity event Summer Games Done Quick has come to a close. Their continued efforts managed to raise over $3 million for charity.

Last Sunday, the GDQ organization (short for Games Done Quick) launched Summer Games Done Quick 2019. From then until last Saturday, they hosted a non-stop live stream where some of the biggest and most prevalent speed runners gather to speed run their favorite games. All the while, they're raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

This year, SGDQ has broken their personal record of money raised, having gathered nearly 50% more than last year. The event had over 50,000 unique contributors, raising a total of $3,005,788.87. This is an entire million more than last year's event, which brought in around $2.1 million.

Don't worry about having missed anything. Every event was uploaded to the official GDQ YouTube channel. Here are some of my favorites from this year.

Tetris Effect by HardDrop. Completed in 34 minutes, the run goes through the entire campaign mode. The way HardDrop plays looks almost impossible. But it's all very real, and he still has the brain power to make jokes while he plays.

TASbot Plays Celeste. The TASbot is a recurring "guest" on GDQ. This automated robot plays video games a frame perfect efficiency. One of the most impressive and entertaining examples of this can be seen when they play Celeste. If these moves look inhuman, it's because they are. This year, they even get all of the berries.

If you want to catch the next charity speedrun event, Games Done Quick Express (GDQx) will be taking place during TwitchCon, September 27-29, 2019. This shorter-than-average event will be raising money in the same way as the others, but for the AbleGamers Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those with disabilities through the power of video games. More information about that can be found on the official website.


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