Star Citizen Has Raised Over 250 Million Dollars

Star Citizen Has Raised Over 250 Million Dollars

And it's still just in Alpha.

pocru by pocru on Dec 02, 2019 @ 03:29 AM (Staff Bios)
Star Citizen is the most expensive game barely anyone’s played yet. It started as a Kickstarter success, promising the most engrossing and realized sci-fi world ever created, a game so powerful and graphically intense that only the most powerful gaming PC’s had a chance to run the damn thing. That was in 2012. Seven years – closing on eight – the game still isn’t out, but it’s still raising enormous sums of money from a group of people who apparently have more money and patience than they know what to do with.

Because this November, the damn game raised another nine million dollars, making the total sum raised over $250 million. That’s more than the budget Rockstar spent on friggen’ GTA 5.

Still, the money is being well spent. A new 20 v 20 PVP mode is being added, as well as a new planet. Something for the 2,449,268 backers can enjoy if they can get into the alpha.

It’s kind of gross that this game is raising so much goddamn money and it can’t even get a release date, but at least unlike many other Kickstarter successes, we at least know this game is being worked on. I just hope the final product reflects the passion of their clearly loaded backers.


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