Shenmue 3 Refund Option Only Available During 2 Week Window

Shenmue 3 Refund Option Only Available During 2 Week Window

They don't say why.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Sep 09, 2019 @ 08:49 AM (Staff Bios)
The development of Shenmue 3 has been a difficult one. Last we heard, Epic Games was fronting the money for refunds after an influx of requests due to Epic Games store exclusivity. Now we're learning exactly how to get those refunds.

Developers Ys Net recently made a new post on their Kickstarter page, detailing an online survey and the refund process. All current backers will receive an email confirming their selected game version. From there, they can make changes via a survey link, including asking for a refund.

Starting in mid-September, the survey period will be open for about two weeks. After that point, backers will be unable to change their backer reward options/ask for refunds.

The survey period is planned to be up two weeks long. 
. . .
Changes to rewards will not be available after surveys close, so please be sure to respond within the survey period. Address changes may be made up until shipping begins.
. . .
Refund requests will be accepted only through the backer survey during the survey period.

At first, it sounds good that they're actually following through with their promise for refunds. I, personally, am adamantly against the Epic Game store's business practices and refuse to install or use the platform. I'd be pissed if a game I already bought made an exclusivity switch without offering a chance to refund it.

Then it occurred to me: why is it only available for two weeks? In the grand scheme of things, two weeks is practically nothing. It'll take them around 30 days to process your order and send the refund, even. But the backers only have 14 days to submit a survey asking for one? They don't say why there's such a small window. And given Epic's insidious mindset, I'm only left to assume it's to wiggle out of actually giving refunds while still publicly saying that they offered.

I see little reason to not make the change/refund option a standing option, at least until closer to the game's release.


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