Shenmue 3 Backers Upset That They Don't Get Deluxe Benefits

Shenmue 3 Backers Upset That They Don't Get Deluxe Benefits

No one said they would be getting them, though.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jul 11, 2019 @ 07:40 AM (Staff Bios)
It seems that the misfortune for Shenmue 3 backers hasn't ended yet. People are upset that the Kickstarter backers will not be given post-release content for the game.

On a recent update post on the Shenmue 3 dev blog, a commenter claims that they received an email from developers Ys Net explaining that the backers will not be entitled to certain bonus content, such as the Season Pass and extra content provided in the Deluxe Edition of the game.

"Standard and deluxe versions released through retail sales are not affiliated with the crowdfunding campaign, so will not be included with backer pledges, however, they will be available for sale separately. Kickstarter Backers will receive the Kickstarter version, Slacker Backers will receive the Slacker Backer version. Both have unique content respective to their versions not available in the retail versions.

A season pass is not included."

Consumer response has not been the best. Many folks are angry that their early backings are being disregarded. Many blame the Epic Games influence, seeing this as an opportunity to milk more money from their supporters.

While we understand their frustrations, none of the Kickstarter backing tiers list a Season Pass or a Deluxe Edition as a backer reward. And with about 72 percent of backers having pledged no more than $60, they would only be entitled to a physical copy of the standard edition.

The previous problems, such as the Epic Store exclusivity and the unwillingness to refund backers, held Ys Net in a pretty firm blame. This time, however, the line is a bit more grey. Is Ys Net being neglectful to the people who help support the game's development, or are consumers acting with more entitlement than they deserve?


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