Set Camp, Make Curry, and Drink your Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Set Camp, Make Curry, and Drink your Pokemon in Sword and Shield

I'm not joking: you really can make curry.

pocru by pocru on Sep 05, 2019 @ 01:50 AM (Staff Bios)
Pokemon Sword and Shield are on the way, and like in most Nintendo Directs recently, a few minutes were dedicated to the most recent one to talk about new features that the game will have. So far, these reveals have mostly been new Pokemon, new mechanics, and some of the characters you’ll meet on the way, but this latest 4-minute tease talked about some of the ways you can customize your character… and all the new ways you can bond with your Pokemon.

…While yes, introducing some new, weird-ass Pokemon. Like one that’s literally tea, in a teacup.

There’s a small collection of things here, if you’re not inclined to click the video: the first thing they bring up is character customization. Ever since X and Y, Pokemon games have allowed people to customize their protagonists with new outfits and haircuts, but it seems Sword and Shield is taking things to another level with more clothing, hair, and even makeup options. Considering cosmetics were the biggest money sink in Sun and Moon for me, I greatly appreciate this.

Secondly, they talk about a new Pokemon Camp, which is the primary way you’ll spend time with your critters between battles. Here, you can play with them, feed them, (hopefully) pet them, and even visit the Pokemon of your friends to compete for their affection (I assume). You can also use the camp to engage in making unique Curry dishes, which you can customize and save in your “Currydex” (god bless) if you find a recipe that really catches your tongue.

We also met two new Pokémon: a floating tea pot and a bird that eats everything it sees, and spits it out at you in battle if you hit him.

We’re still a month away from this game, but it gets (mostly) better every time we see it.


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