Serious Sam Co-Creator Joins the Google Stadia project

Serious Sam Co-Creator Joins the Google Stadia project

And he's taking it very seriously.

pocru by pocru on Oct 07, 2019 @ 04:57 AM (Staff Bios)
With Apple Arcade being launched a few weeks ago, the next generation of games consoles likely being released within a year, and a whole new slew of mobile games taking advantage of the ARG elements kind of pioneered by Pokemon Go, it seems like we’re fast approaching a new generation of video games. And one of the keystones of this new generation will be Google Stadia: how it works if it will work at all, and how popular it will ultimately be. A lot hinges on this weird project, and I for one am paying close attention to it.

That said, that project just got some new brain-power to try to make its ambitious dream a reality: Alen Ladavac, a co-founder of Croteam (the developers behind The Talos Principle and the Serious Sam games) has just left his 25-year-old station to join the Google Stadia project.

"With a heavy heart, I've parted ways with my dear friends and colleagues at Croteam. I love you all, guys and girls, and I will never forget all the beautiful years I spent with you and fantastic things we've created. I'm super excited to announce that I'm starting at Google München, joining the awesome Stadia team to work on finally bringing gaming into the cloud. What was once deemed impossible, now is the reality—and I'm grateful for a chance to contribute to this landmark undertaking."

Google Stadia is set to launch sometime next month, in November, which will be the first time many people will get to experience the ambitious project. Members of the press tried it out a few months ago and commented on some noteworthy input lag, which could be a problem for the handful of games that are set to be playable on it, including Destiny 2. Maybe Alen Ludavac will be able to remedy that problem?

Here’s hoping.


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