Sega Announces the Mega Drive Mini, a Throwback Console

Sega Announces the Mega Drive Mini, a Throwback Console

Their reaction to the NES Classic.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Apr 14, 2018 @ 10:39 AM (Staff Bios)
Nintendo did pretty well with those mini classic consoles, and now Sega wants in on that action. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sega Mega Drive, the company has announced their own classic version of the 16-bit console, the Mega Drive Mini. The miniature console will release later this year, in Japan at least.

Sega tried once in the past to revitalize the Sega Genesis, with the Genesis Flashback console built in coordination with AtGames. Unfortunately, the throwback console never caught on to the same degree as the NES and SNES classic.

Since AtGames handled the Genesis Flashback, this means that the Mega Drive Mini will be the first console to be developed by Sega since 2001 with the Dreamcast. We don't know much about what the Mega Drive Mini will offer. The hardware itself, as well as the games it will offer, have yet to be announced. There's no word on if the console will be coming to America, either.

With an intended release window of "this year," we can assume more information will come to us soon enough.


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