PlayerUnknown Wants to Kill People Who Call His Game an "Asset Flip"

PlayerUnknown Wants to Kill People Who Call His Game an "Asset Flip"

That's good PR right there.

pocru by pocru on Jun 17, 2018 @ 11:12 PM (Staff Bios)
Even though we’re almost a full week since E3 came and went, news from the event keeps trickling in. For example, did you know that PlayerUnknown himself, Mr, Brendan Greene, was at the show? Indeed he was, and at the event, he sat down with one Mr. Geoff Keighley to talk about his game and the brief period where he was the most valuable, powerful dude in the entire game’s industry.

And while the whole world was watching him, PUBG’s creator decided to use that time to complain about people accusing his game of being an “asset flip,” or a game that merely uses store-bought assets without a single piece of new, self-created work.

That kills me a little inside, because I know we're not. We work with artists like Karol [Miklas] in Russia who does most of our vehicles, most of our buildings are hand-made by artists, and even foliage and stuff like that. Of course we use some props from marketplaces. We had to make a map within nine months and you don't do that without using the work of other artists but, for the most part, most of our stuff is made by hand. So I see these comments and I'm like, 'I want to kill you!'

Saying you want to kill critics is not the best way to address them, however, and soon the PUBG subreddit was flooded with fans who were talking about how Brendan Greene wanted to kill them. In response to this, PUBG Corp.'s communications lead, Ryan Rigney, eventually stepped up to try to explain things in a more appropriate manner, which I’ll let you read for yourself because he spends a long, long time justifying the use of asset flips and explaining the situations in which they are used.

I think of all the criticism levied against PUBG, the fact that it’s an “asset flip” was never one that anyone felt terribly passionate about. So getting this kind of response seems to show this is a sensitive subject for ol’ PU.

Gotta wonder why.


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