Play 10 Hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda for Free on PS4

Play 10 Hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda for Free on PS4

It's worth a shot.

JesseCecchetto by JesseCecchetto on Jul 14, 2017 @ 03:26 PM

If you've been hesitant about purchasing Mass Effect: Andromeda, rightfully so might I add, then you may be in luck if you're a PS4 owner. 

Of course Mass Effect: Andromeda has received heavy scrutiny since it released, and the criticism hasn't really slowed down at all, which is most likely why BioWare is releasing this 10-hour free trial on the PlayStation Store. 

This trial should give you a good idea about whether Mass Effect: Andromeda is worth it or not, and if you thoroughly enjoy it enough to purchase it after you've reached the 10-hour mark, then your progress will transfer over to the full version of the game.


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