One in Five Gamers Skip Baths, So Irish Spring Made a Gamer Shower

One in Five Gamers Skip Baths, So Irish Spring Made a Gamer Shower

Just a PR move, but an entertaining one.

LizardRock by LizardRock on May 03, 2022 @ 10:31 AM (Staff Bios)
Everyone skips a bath sometimes. But how often is too much? A recent survey shows that about 20 percent of gamers will skip a shower to get more game time. In response: Irish Spring made a gamer bath.

Chillblast, a popular PC manufacturer in the UK, recently held a survey on social media, asking gamers if they ever skipped a bath to play more. The results showed that about 20% of them said yes. Irish Spring the popular soap/personal hygiene company, took this information, and ran with it. They developed their own Gamer Shower.

Showcased in a rather decorative manner, we see a round bath in the middle of a large room full of nature. The bath features a clear plexiglass cover, a gamer chair placed inside, and a multi-monitor setup hanging above it.

To promote the brand further, they partnered with livestreamer FaZe Santana to show off the tub on a livestream last month.

Honestly, we know what this is. Its just some silly marketing. The gamer shower looks like it doesn't actually function, after all. And as far as data goes, a Facebook survey hardly holds high in the rankings of legitimacy. Though in all fairness, I personally can remember skipping a shower because I was deep into a game at the time. So its not like the information is completely false.

But were not here to be a poor sport. This was just intended to be a lighthearted advertising event. And when taken lightly, we enjoyed Irish Springs presentation. It hit even more humorously, since were guilty of the claims they're making. Wed love a dramatic bathroom with a gamer bath in the middle.

If it wasn't clear by now, by the way: we aren't currently sponsored by Irish Spring and don't really care if you do or do not use their products.


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