Nioh Bug Discovered that can Destory Saved Data

Nioh Bug Discovered that can Destory Saved Data

If it were a demon at least you could stab it.

pocru by pocru on Feb 17, 2017 @ 04:19 AM (Staff Bios)
Nioh, the Souls-like hacker-and-slasher from the folks at Team Ninja, is a pretty dope game. It’s challenging, grueling, and every bit of progress you make is treasured: so if you discovered, by merits of some terrible bug, that you had lost your saved data, you’d have every right to be pretty miffed, right? And yet, that’s what some players are discovering: a new bug where old saved data is erased whenever you try to start a new game of Nioh.

Now, maybe that’s intentional: there are certainly games where you can only have one save file. The caveat, however, is that other players have reported that they have multiple save files and multiple characters. So, while we can’t be exactly sure, it’s starting to look an awful lot like a bug.

But here’s the other thing worth note: Team Ninja has, so far, made no note of this bug, or even acknowledged that it’s a thing.

So, we’re left stumbling in the dark for now, so take this bit of free advice: be careful with your saves, and starting a new file. You don’t want to lose your progress over this.


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