Nintendo May Release Switch Details on Thursday

Nintendo May Release Switch Details on Thursday

Here's hoping!

Cryptastic by Cryptastic on Jan 11, 2017 @ 04:56 PM
As gamers, we're probably all interested in hearing more about Nintendo's upcoming console, Switch. So far, all they've done is tease their hybrid home/portable console. As of yet, we have no information on launch, specs, battery life, or even an expected price. All of that may change on Thursday.

This tells me nothing!

Nintendo is hosting some kind of event in Tokyo at 11:00 pm (EST) on Thursday. Hopefully, that is when we'll hear the first real details behind the Switch. This date is already cutting it kind of close, as the Switch is expected to make its first appearance in March. If Nintendo hopes to reach high sales figures at launch, they should really get the hype train rolling as soon as possible.

Until we learn more, there's no way for gamers to decide whether the Switch is right for them. Diehard fans of Nintendo will most definitely grab the console regardless, as Nintendo keeps all of their IPs as exclusives. The rest of us, though, need a little more information. At the very least, I'm hoping to learn the launch date and price. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait.


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