Nintendo Finally Reveals the "Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)"

Nintendo Finally Reveals the "Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)"

Yes, that's the official name.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Jul 06, 2021 @ 08:22 AM (Staff Bios)
After all the waiting and wondering, Nintendo has finally revealed the next Switch console edition. Introducing the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model).

Yea, thats the actual name.

The OLED model is the final result of months of info leaks and rumors regarding Nintendos hardware plans. While it looks similar to the original Nintendo Switch console, it has a handful of noteworthy differences:

Larger OLED screen. As the name implies, the console model has an OLED screen measured 7 inches diagonally. This is both larger than the previous 6.2-inch screen of the base model, and features a sharper, more clear display thanks to the OLED technology.

Enhanced Audio. While it isnt expanded on, the new model will feature higher quality audio speakers, allowing for more enjoyable audio while playing in handheld mode.

Wired LAN port. Before, if you wanted a wired internet connection for your Switch, you had to purchase a USB adapter and plug that into the dock. This rectifies that by having a dedicated LAN slot available on the back of the console dock.

Wider, Adjustable Stand. The base model features a small plastic extension that covers the SD card slot. This piece can be pulled out and used as a stand, allowing the model to stand on its own. The OLED model extends this stand along the width of the entire console. It also features multiple degrees of control, allowing more than one angle to stand at.

Larger Internal Storage. The OLED model will have a 64gb internal storage. This is the largest so far. Like the base model, it will still support an expansion via micro SD cards.

Previous console models will be able to use the new OLED model dock, and vice versa. Through a software update may be required.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will be available on October 8, 2021 for $350. Priced only $50 more than the original console, this is a pretty good price considering the various upgrades. There will be a white model, which features white Joycon controllers, a black console and a white dock, as well as a traditional black model with black console and dock, and the red and blue Joycon models.

Theres been some discourse online, with some folks considering the reveal to be a disappointment. Though we cant really agree. While this isnt exactly jaw dropping, this is definitely an improvement from the previous model. And we had no reason to expect it to be any more than this. We suspect that any disappointment was due to the lack of clearly defined expectations, really.

We do admit, however, that theres some concern over OLED burn-in. With video games commonly having static UI elements, screen burn in is a common problem. We hope this isn't the case here. Time will tell.


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