New Phasmophobia Update Adds More Ghosts, Items, Changes

New Phasmophobia Update Adds More Ghosts, Items, Changes

Get ready to break out the DOTS Projector.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Aug 30, 2021 @ 09:28 AM (Staff Bios)
The funny thing about ghosts is that they dont give up easily. Neither does Phasmophobia, the hit supernatural investigation game from last year. The developers have announced a new update, bringing in new ghosts, new items, and a complete rework of the equipment system.

Detailed in a dev blog post, Kinetic Games details what they call the Exposition Update v0.3.0. This update, which is available now for all players, adds two new ghosts to encounter, introduces a new piece of equipment called the DOTS Projector, reworks almost every equipment item, and makes some quality of life changes. Lets break it down for you.

New Sprint System

They start with a new sprint system. The previous sprint speed is now the default walking speed. Replacing it, players can now sprint at an increased speed for three seconds, with it recharging every 5 seconds. To facilitate this for VR, they introduced a teleportation ring around the player that indicates what is sprinting or walking.

But to keep it challenging, the ghosts are faster now, too. A ghost will now move faster during hunts if they can see their target player. Additionally, they will start moving three seconds into a hunt instead of waiting the previous five seconds.

New Ghosts

Next, lets talk about the new ghosts. Introducing the Goryo and the Myling. The Goryo (based on a Japanese folklore) is a rather shy ghost, which will only attack when provoked. It will also do very little traveling, making it a little harder to locate than normal. One of its signs is discovered with the DOTS projector item.

The Myling is almost the exact opposite, Noisy and aggressive, this ghost will make plenty of noises around the location. Except when they start hunting, that is. Then, they become uncomfortably silent.

New Equipment

So what IS that DOTS Projector we keep mentioning. Thats the new equipment item. Seen in the header image, this machine casts a wide spread of laser dots around the room. The ghost (if compatible with the device) will cast a shadow in the dots with its form. This is a fantastically spooky item that we look forward to using ourselves.

Everything else

Theres a number of other, smaller changes, for succinctness, we will list them here.
  • Electronic equipment will reveal your location during a hunt, so be sure to turn them off.
  • New sounds/visuals for equipment affected during a hunt
  • The Parabolic microphone can hear supernatural noises when pointed at a ghost.
  • All equipment has new visuals and effects.
  • Ghost evidence has been reworked to accommodate new equipment/ghosts.
  • Lights and equipment are only affected during hunts if in a certain range of the ghost.
  • Glow sticks will fade away after about 30 seconds of being activated.
  • Spirit Box replaces text with an icon to indicate if the ghost responded to it.
  • Lots of new sounds.
  • Infrared Sensor functionality has been combined into the motion sensor.
  • Solo play no longer requires push to talk to use the spirit box.
  • Player hand color will now match their character selection.
  • A bunch of bug fixes.
There's a few more, less interesting changes as well. More on that can be read on the official blog post. Were happy to see the developers continue to work and expand on what is already a fantastically fun game, we look forward to playing it some more and experiencing these changes.

Phasmophobia is available now on Steam for $14. It also supports VR mode.


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