Johto Pokemon Will Soon Arrive in Pokemon Go

Johto Pokemon Will Soon Arrive in Pokemon Go

80 more Pokemon to catch!

pocru by pocru on Feb 16, 2017 @ 04:34 AM
It’s been a long time since Pokemon Go made headlines. The app we were once predicting would change the world has, perhaps unsurprisingly, fallen into obscurity in the recent months. While still popular enough, it’s fallen from hyper-fame to a more comfortable place among the ranks of top-performing mobile apps. But that’s not good enough for the folks who were once king, and to keep their current fans invested (and maybe win back a few more), the folks at Niantic have a huge announcement: generation ll Pokemon will finally start spawning around the world for players to catch!

80 new Pokemon in total will be added, as well as two new berries (The Pinap Berry, which doubles candy gained if the Pokemon is caught after throwing, and the Nanab Berry, which slows the Pokemon down). There will also be new reactions from Pokemon when you try to catch them, item carousels that let you select items in the encounter screen, and new ways to customize your avatar.

What do you think? Enough to get you back into the world of Pokemon Go?

The update will be here “later this week”.


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