It Takes 40 Hours of Game Time to Unlock One Hero in Star Wars Battlefront II

It Takes 40 Hours of Game Time to Unlock One Hero in Star Wars Battlefront II

Or 30 seconds to get your wallet.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Nov 12, 2017 @ 10:51 AM (Staff Bios)
Previously I wrote about how Star Wars Battlefront II was an enjoyable game that would be ruined by microtransactions. With the early EA Access release of the game, the reality of those claims is beginning to solidify.

Star Wars Battlefront II has two currencies: credits, and crystals. The credits are earned through in-game matches while the crystals are purchased with real-world money. Both currencies can be used to purchase random loot crates, vehicles, and locked heroes.

Reddit user "TheHotterPotato" recorded the credit earnings from 20 games of Galactic Assault and compiled it into a spreadsheet. When you compare the average 250-350 credit per 10 minutes game and compare them to the price of trooper crates and heroes, the results are nothing less than upsetting.

To earn enough credits to unlock a single hero, you have to play Battlefront II for 40 hours. This doesn't include in between matches or loading screens. This is also assuming you never purchase a randomized loot box, leaving you stuck with the starter gear for the entire duration. Each loot box you purchase with credits will set you back 2.5 hours.

TheHotterPotato compared this to the United States minimum wage and found that the 157.54 hours it would take to earn enough credits to purchase 60 trooper crates, could just as easily be done had you worked for 13.79 hours flipping burgers and paid real world money for the crates. That makes it 11.4 times more efficient to just buy the gear instead of play the game.

Did I mention that the future "Free DLC" will cost in-game credits? good luck grinding that out. With the gear found in these boxes being gameplay boosting items, this is the grossest display of microtransaction abuse I have ever seen.


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