Gran Turismo Sport Gets a Limited Time Demo for PlayStation

Gran Turismo Sport Gets a Limited Time Demo for PlayStation

For 4 days you get to see what the legendary racing series has to offer next.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Oct 04, 2017 @ 07:32 AM (Staff Bios)
Gran Turismo is one of the biggest racing games there can possibly be. Gran Turismo titles have headlined their fair share of console releases and major gaming convention announcements. This time, we have news regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive Gran Turismo Sport.

From October 9 throughout October 12 (for 4 days), PlayStation users will be able to download a free demo of the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. If you are a PlayStation Plus member then you can preload the demo as early as the morning of October 7th, though you still cannot play until the 9th.

There are five modes that will be available to the player within the demo. Sport, Campaign, and Arcade Mode are where the gameplay lies, while Photography and Custom Livery Mode allow for an immersive experience outside of racing.

Sport Mode is all about performance. The player's goal here is to achieve the best lap time on the selected course, where your scoring is compared to others for pure competition.

Campaign Mode is more designed for the person who wants to challenge themselves. This mode offers various missions and challenges. Daily Workouts will be available that will help the player improve their skills in controlled environments. This mode is a great way to unlock vehicles, currency, and experience points for you Driver Profile.

Arcade Mode is for the player who just wants to drive. For this mode, you can select your ride and go on 3 preselected circuit configurations, each with varying terrains. Split-screen multiplayer can be found in this mode for some friendly offline action.

Photography Mode is true to its name, allowing the player to take photographs of their vehicles. Livery Mode is the hub for customization. Here, you can design your logo and color a number of your vehicle's parts.

Any currency, vehicles, and experience earned in the demo will transfer to the main game, so be sure to download it next Monday and get a headstart on what will surely be an impressive addition to the Gran Turismo series coming October 17.


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