GOG Is Finally Selling Heaven's Vault

GOG Is Finally Selling Heaven's Vault

A good game on a good marketplace.

pocru by pocru on Jul 17, 2019 @ 02:55 AM (Staff Bios)
You heard of Heaven’s Vault? It was an old-school point-and-click affair that made waves last year for kind of coming out of nowhere and kicking butt, as far as old-school point-and-click affairs go. People loved it, it crushed on Steam (well, “crushed” as well as an old-school point-and-click affair can) and generally put the studio, Inkle, on the map. Pun intended.

But despite being a critical darling, the folks at GOG refused to sell the game. Apparently the reasoning was that they thought it wouldn’t be a good fit, and their experience with the first version of the game wasn’t too great. Which, to be fair, is the kind of vetting that makes GOG typically better than Steam, but it does mean that sometimes they miss the mark.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that they announced recently that they’ve changed their mind and the game will be available on their digital store shelves starting today:

"With Heaven's Vault we've changed our mind after checking the final game, how it was perceived by gamers, and receiving numerous requests from our users suggesting to release it. We then reached out to the developers with a proposal to release their game on GOG simply because we believe that its high quality and unique character deserves to be recognized and shared with our audience."

Inkle’s co-founder, Joe Humfrey, added with his own comments:

"Reaching GOG's audience can make a huge difference as to whether a small studio like ours can survive and keep pushing the boundaries of interactive fiction, so we were disappointed not to launch there initially. We're thrilled that the response Heaven's Vault received at launch has led GOG to reconsider it, and we're really happy that it's now joining GOG's fantastic collection of games."

Well that’s nice. If only Sony could do the same thing with Demon’s Souls.


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