Everything New We Saw in the Animal Crossing V2.0 Trailer

Everything New We Saw in the Animal Crossing V2.0 Trailer

It was a lot.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Oct 19, 2021 @ 08:34 AM (Staff Bios)
We thought we were ready. We were not. Nintendo knocked just about everyones socks off last Friday with the Animal Crossing Direct, showcasing not only one whopper of an update, but detailing the games first upcoming DLC.

A lot of things were revealed in the direct, and we mean A LOT. There were plenty of things you may have missed. Instead of skimming back through the 20-minute video to try and see it all for yourselves, weve compiled this handy list of every new thing we saw, in the order that we saw them.

Mind you that this is specifically for the V2.0 update, and not for the upcoming DLC, Happy Home Paradise.


This was the one and only part that everyone actually expected. And that was only because Brewster and the Roost were teased in a Nintendo Direct a few weeks prior. Either way, here are the details.
  • Players can visit The Roost, a café inside of the museum owned and operated by an owl named Brewster.
  • Players can sit at the counter, talk to Brewster, and have a coffee.
  • Other villagers, along with NPCs like Isabelle, can walk in and have a coffee, too.
  • The register and mat on the side imply that you can purchase coffee to go, but this is not confirmed yet.
  • The phone in the back can be used to call other villagers over (using Amiibo functionality) to join you for coffee.
  • The café supports multiplayer, allowing players and friends to drink a cup together.
  • Theres no evidence at this time that the player can work as a barista, like in previous games.
Kappn Will Take You to Secret Islands

The popular sailor, Kappn has returned. This time around, he will take the player to a variety of secret island that have strange and uncommon properties, different from what weve seen before. Heres what we saw.
  • Appears on the docks on your island.
  • He will sing his shanties while ferrying you, just like in past games.
  • The islands will have unique modifiers, including being in a different time of day, season, or biome.
  • New biomes will also have new plant life, like different shrubs, glowing weeds (that emit light when you walk on them) cacti, and Baobab trees.
  • We also saw natural vines that can be hung on cliffsides and used to climb up them.
Harvs Shopping Plaza

Harv, the laid-back dog with his own photo studio, is expanding his business. A new section on his island will become host to all of the various businesses that visit a players island, along with a few more. Heres what we know.
  • To the right of Harvs cabin is a large open area, Harvs Plaza. Its a new venture of his, organized by his old friend, Harriet.
  • Players can invest bells into establishing a number of businesses on the plaza permanently. This includes
  • Harriet, the hairdresser, who will teach you new hairstyles.
  • Sahara, the rug selling camel.
  • Kicks, the skunk cobbler and shoe merchant.
  • Leif, the gardening sloth.
  • Jolly Redd, the sneaky, art-selling fox.
  • Reese and Cyrus, the thrifty llama couple from past games.
  • Katrina, the fortunate telling panther.
  • Tortimer, a now-retired ex-mayor.
  • Reese can customize furniture items that the player cant.
  • Tortimer will allow players to access their storage space in their homes without leaving Harvs Island.
Changes to Your Island

A number of new additions and features are also coming to your island itself. This is a big one.
  • Using a boombox outside of the town center will let the player participate in group stretching exercises. This can be done with buttons or motion controls, and can include other players and uncommon NPCs.
  • Island Ordinances can be enacted, modifying your town in small ways. The displayed options were Beautiful Island, Early Bird, Night Owl, and Bell Boom. They likely have the same effects that they did in New Leaf.
  • New house customization options will be available, changing the outside shape and style of a players home.
  • Home storage can be expanded to as many as 5,000 items.
Cooking and Farming

A popular request, the update will introduce not only cooking, but also farming to the game.
  • Players can plant and grow tomatoes, wheat, pumpkins, carrots, sugarcane, and potatoes.
  • Players can purchase cooking recipes from the Nook Reward Store, which are organized by savory and sweet in the crafting section.
  • Players can then cook various food dishes at kitchen stations using veggies, mushrooms, and possible fish.
  • There appear to be furniture decorations based on cooking and farming, such as a basket of veggies, as well.
  • Eating cooked meals will fill the food meter by multiple notches.
Decorating and Construction

Both aspects have been expanded with new mechanics and new items.
  • The Pro Decorating License will unlock the ability to hang items from the ceiling inside houses.
  • It will also allow players to place a second wallpaper or pattern on specific sides of a room as accent walls.
  • The Pro Construction License will increase the total number of allowed bridges and inclines from 8 to 10 each.
  • There will be nine new fence options:
  • Park fence, Block fence, Corrugated Iron fence, Large Lattice fence, Log Wall fence, Green Bamboo fence, Bamboo Slats fence, Log fence, and Frozen fence.
  • Certain fences can be customized, allowing for different colors and designs.
New Player Functionality

From functionality to fashion, theres also a handful of new ways that players can be themselves.
  • The Pro Camera App will allow players to take photos from a first-person perspective.
  • By enabling Tripod mode, the camera can stay at eye level while still allowing the player to be in the shot.
  • There are 11 new hairstyles coming to the existing selection, some of which are learned from Harriet.
  • There will be 11 new reactions, including: Wave goodbye, stretch, bounce to music, listen with ears, and say cheese.
Misc. Part 1

Nintendo revealed a handful of new features that had no particular category. To keep things chronological, well list them here.
  • The Island Life 101 App works as a guide/suggestion system to help players figure out what to do next.
  • Theres a variety of new furniture in the Nook Mile store, such as topiaries, curved streetlights, pergolas, gazebos, and a variety of plaza games and set pieces fitting for an outdoor carnival.
  • New Storage Shed item can be used to access the in-home storage whenever its placed.
  • New ABD Machine grants access to all of the machines functionality, but wherever the player placed the item.
  • K.K. Slider has 12 new songs: K.K. Break, K.K. Basement, Chillwave, K.K. Chorinho, K.K. Dub, K.K. Polka, K.K. Fuge, K.K. HipHop, K.K. Lovers, K.K. Slack Key, something old-chinese, and something J-pop Vtuber looking.
  • A new Music Box item will play K.K. songs as a music box variation.
The Gyroids are Back

The popular noise making item has returned! One of the most requested features, these tiny clay figures create a wide variety of sounds. Heres how theyll work in New Horizons.
  • Players can dig up Gyroid Fragments.
  • If they bury these fragments again, water them, and dig them up the next day, they will find a functional Gyroid.
  • Gyroid designs are more varied and fitting to the sounds they make, compared to before.
  • Gyroids can be customized
  • They align to the tempo and key of any music playing in the room.
Misc. Part 2

More random, smaller things we noticed.
  • Theres more random furniture items available for sale in Nooks Cranny.
  • We saw a high-end gaming PC desk, a ceiling light, and something called the Amazing Machine.
  • We saw sushi for sale in Nooks Cranny. Not sure if this is a new furniture item, or if Nooks Cranny can sell cooked food. If the latter, then this implies we can prepare sushi.
  • Players can craft placeable ladders. These are consistent structures that will allow players to climb up and down cliffsides.
  • Ladders are craftable and customizable. The name wooden ladder implies that they can be made of other materials too, but this is speculation.
  • Players can scooch through narrow spaces (0.5 square sized areas due to furniture placement)
  • Froggy Chair has returned!
  • Villagers can invite you to their home to hang out
  • They can also appear for a surprise visit when in your own home.
  • We caught a glimpse of two new villagers, a bunny in a varsity jacket and a yellow dog with dark accents. We later learned that these are Sasha and Frett, two of the 16 new villagers coming with the update.

That was everything we saw in the Version 2.0 update presentation. The Animal Crossing Direct then continued to detail the games first paid DLC: Happy Home Paradise. While it too contained new information, we wont be covering it in this specific article. Its gotten long enough.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Update Version 2.0 will release on November 5. It will be the final free major update for the game. Everything after that will either be smaller changes, or be paid DLC.


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