Elite: Dangerous to Host 5 Month Long Expedition with Distant Worlds 2

Elite: Dangerous to Host 5 Month Long Expedition with Distant Worlds 2

Not all in one sitting.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Dec 29, 2018 @ 01:12 PM (Staff Bios)
Elite: Dangerous, the popular space commerce/adventure game, is hosting one of it's more ambitious community events soon: Distant Worlds 2. In it, thousands of players will embark on an 18 week (four and a half month) trek across the outer reaches of the in-game galaxy.

The event is far more than flying in space for months. The "sequel" to the last expedition, Distant Worlds 3305, it's focused on the exploration and discovery of unknown space, organizing several fleets with a specific purpose each. Instead of traveling in one large caravan, each player can travel at their own pace, with whoever they wish. Every so often, everyone will meet up at designated waypoints along the way.

Each waypoint lasts the duration of a weekend (Friday-Sunday) and a number of events and tasks will be made available for everyone to participate in. Players new to the idea of a mass expedition are usually tasked with Discovery, where they only have to explore, and report on new anomalies along the way.

Otherwise, there is a handful of different roles players can take during the expedition.

  • Discovery & Exploration - the heart of the expedition
  • Industry - the construction of a science station in the galactic core region
  • Mining - spearheading Deep Space Mining through the procurement of metals and minerals
  • Science - studying the galaxy and its mysteries
  • Tourism - share the experience, offering a seat in your cockpits to pilots in the Bubble
  • Cartography - the ongoing project to map the galaxy
  • Logistics - offering a mixture of roleplay and practical gameplay
  • Roleplay & Events - a chance to take part in an evolving story as well as blow off steam with some basecamp shenanigans

The event is multi-platform, stretching across PC, Xbox, and PS4. It starts at the Distand Worlds 3302 Tourist Beacon in Pallaeni Waypoint 1 on January 3305. More information, including how to join, can be found on the official forum post.


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