Earthworm Jim is Returning as an Animated Series

Earthworm Jim is Returning as an Animated Series

Snot a problem.

LizardRock by LizardRock on Nov 19, 2021 @ 08:07 AM (Staff Bios)
Remember that dumb, kinda gross platformer from 1994, Earthworm Jim? Well, the protagonistic lumbricina has returned. Not as a game, but with a new upcoming animated series.

Introducing Earthworm Jim: Beyond the Groovy. Being developed in a partnership between Interplay Entertainment and the Agency for the Performing Arts, the newly announced animated TV series will follow the titular hero as he teams up with a new crew and participates in sci-fi adventures.

The announcement comes with a small assortment of concept art graphics, along with an interview with Jim promoting the upcoming show. All of this is available on the official promo website. He appears to be teaming up with two new worm-based cadets, as well as a large bull-person. While the plot is not directly given, theres an implication that the team is trying to navigate back to earth, since thats where the best dirt is.

According to Polygon, the shows creative team will be led by K. Michel Parandi. The project will be produced by Interplays brand-new division dedicated to film and TV. Aaron Billet, who worked with Disney Insider, will also be involved, along with Passion Pictures.

Interplay also noted that this is only the first in a larger effort for the company to take better advantage of their intellectual property.

One concern that was brought to attention was the characters original creator, Doug TenNapel. TenNapel has an established reputation against LGBT+ issues in the comic industry, having struck controversy in the past for their abrasive remarks. Interplay has assured Polygon in a statement, however, that TenNapel has no involvement in the upcoming show.

All in all, we really look forward to this. Earthworm Jim was a classic platformer from our younger years that we remember fondly. And the satirical take on classic sci-fi ideas should prove entertaining. There have been plenty of games-to-tv efforts that have done tremendously well, and others that have fallen flat. Only time will tell which this one will be.

At the moment, there is not an official release date, or even viewing platform confirmation, for Earthworm Jim: Into the Groovy. Stay tuned.


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