E3 2019 Official Event Dates and Times, With Links

E3 2019 Official Event Dates and Times, With Links

Everything you need to keep up to date.

LizardRock by LizardRock on May 28, 2019 @ 09:11 AM (Staff Bios)
E3 is nearly here. All of the biggest companies are gathering, ready to show off their biggest announcements for the year. Some of the biggest video game reveals happen at E3, you don't want to miss out.

But there are a handful of different presentations and press events. It can be hard keeping track of them all. That's why we're here to help. Here is every major E3 press event, sorted chronologically. 

The entire thing starts on Saturday, June 8. Press events run until Tuesday, June 11. After that, running until Thursday, June 13, press and players alike will gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center to show off and take in all of the new announcements.

Saturday, June 8

EA Play

Edit: Originally, EA had yet to give a time frame for their streams. Now they have. The article has been updated accordingly.

EA is hosting their own multi-topic event to start things off. They'll have aproximately 30 minutes dedicated to each of their biggest games, from upcoming titles like the new Star Wars game to their current heavy hitters like Apex Legends. Starting at noon, the official timeline is listed here (in Eastern time).
  • 12:15 PM: Countdown to EA PLAY
  • 12:30am: Star Wars™ Jedi: Fallen Order™
    Hosted by online personalities Greg Miller and Andrea Rene
  • 1:00am: Apex Legends
    Hosted by commentator Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez
  • 1:30am: Battlefield V
    Hosted by online personality Julia Hardy and EA’s Adam Freeman
  • 2:00am: EA SPORTS FIFA
    Hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez
  • 2:30am: EA SPORTS Madden NFL
    Hosted by NFL Network’s Adam Rank
  • 3:00pm: The Sims 4
    Hosted by Andrea Rene
Watch on: YouTube, Twitch

Nintendo's Battle of the Best
  • 2:00 PM Eastern (1:00 PM Central)

Renown Japanese game company Nintendo will be hosting not one, but three different tournaments on this day. They're inviting pros from around the world to participate in these games. This includes the not-yet-released Super Mario Maker 2, which will be the first we see of the game that isn't a trailer or direct.
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3
  • Spatoon 2 World Championship 2019
  • Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019
For more information about the tournaments, visit Nintendo's official page about it.

Watch on: Twitch, YouTube

Sunday, June 9

Microsoft Xbox Press Conference
  • 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 PM Central)

Xbox is one of the biggest gaming companies there is. It makes sense to see them return to announce what they have up their sleeves. After the event, they will be holding the Xbox FanFest, a special experience for Xbox fans. For more information about all of their E3 plans, visit their official webpage.

The company hasn't teased anything in particular for this event. But there is a rumor that Fable 4 will be announced after a leak appeared on Mixer. Expect more from Xbox-owned devs during this event. Obsidian, for example, likely has more to show for The Outer Worlds. Maybe we'll even see more about Age of Empires 4, though we have no reason to expect so.

Watch on: Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Bethesda Press Conference
  • 8:30 PM Eastern (7:30 Central)

Bethesda has released most of what they had to show last year, such as Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls: Blades, Rage 2, and so on. But there are a few things they're working on, like Doom: Eternal and the upcoming Wolfenstein games, that they can expand more on. If we're lucky, we might even see more information about Starfield, their sci-fi RPG, or Elder Scrolls 6. Their parent company Zenimax was in a legal dispute over the name "Redfall," which many suspects will be the subtitle for Elder Scrolls 6. 

We don't expect to hear much about any new games this year, and more about their upcoming or already released games. The only thing we can confidently guess will be there is something about Elder Scrolls Online. For more information on their plans, visit their official post on Bethesda.net.

Watch on: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Twitter, Facebook

Devolver Digital Press Conference
  • 10:00 PM Eastern (9:00 PM Central)

Do you like series and informative announcement? Then this is not for you. Every year, indie publisher Devolver Digital holds their own press event for E3. But instead of taking it seriously, they go, excuse my language, absolutely f***-all with it. Last year there was robot murder, real-life crypto coins, and computers that literally eat money. Though you can expect some indie titles announced in between.

Expect some outrageous and silly stuff with the occasional game trailer out of this year's event.

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Monday, June 10

The E3 VR Showcase
  • 12:00 PM Eastern (11:00 AM Central)

This is a new event. Popular virtual reality gaming site UploadVR previously announced plans to host their own E3 press conference dedicated to VR. This will be a pre-recorded video feed, similar to that of a Nintendo Direct. Here they will announce some exciting news regarding Rift, Vive, PSVR, Quest, and more. 

We aren't sure what to expect here. Possibly more information about No Man's Sky upcoming VR update. We will see. For more information, visit their official post about the event.

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The PC Gaming Show
  • 1:00 PM Eastern (12:00 PM Central)

Every year, PC Gamer hosts their own press event. Usually, this is host to a variety of different indie publishers that don't fall into one of the other events. This year, the PC Gaming Show will be the official host of the Epic Games Store. So expect A lot of Fortnite and Epic Games Store-related news this year. 

Their official post about the event lists a variety of devs confirmed to be making announcements at their event. This includes Chucklefish (Starbound), FatShark (Warhammer), Digital Extremes (Warframe), Re-Logic (Terraria), and more.

Watch on: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer

Ubisoft Press Conference
  • 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 PM Central)

Ubisoft is home to a wide variety of major titles. We'll likely see something relating to the Far Cry games, and probably something Assassin's Creed related. Maybe they'll do something with The Division or Tom Clancy. With any luck, they might reveal more about the long, long-awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2. Ubisoft has been pretty quiet about the event so far. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Watch on: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer

Square Enix Press Conference
  • 9:00 PM Eastern (8:00 PM Central)

One of the biggest Japanese game companies, Square Enix will have plenty to show off this year. The biggest, most anticipated game will be the Final Fantasy 7 remake. We might also hear more about Kingdom Hearts, the People Can Fly-developer shooter they're publishing, or possibly even a new Final Fantasy game. We will see. For more information, visit their official post about the event.

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Tuesday, June 11

Nintendo Direct
  • 12:00 PM Eastern (11:00 AM Central)

Nintendo has a lot of eggs in their basket right now, and a few of them are just about ready to hatch. Super Mario Maker 2 is releasing at the end of June, Pokemon Sword and Shield have been announced, too. But the game will have it's own direct before E3, so we might not see much at the event itself. Though there are rumors of a Pokemon mobile game in the works.  What fans are the most hungry for is information relating to the 2019 Animal Crossing title, which we know next to nothing about at the moment.

After the Direct, running the duration of E3, Nintendo is hosting the Nintendo Treehouse, where various developers will play some of their favorite Nintendo games live.

All in All, Nintendo remains as unpredictable as always, so your guess is as good as ours. For more information, visit the official webpage.

Watch on: Twitch, YouTube

Other Information

There's No Sony

You may have noticed that Sony, the owners of PlayStation, have opted out of having an E3 presentation. When they announced this intention, they said it was because they don't have much to show this year, and will be waiting until they do.

There has been a lot of talk regarding the "PlayStation 5" console, which they've been teasing the power of. And a number of VR related patents are surfacing. So we know they have things in the works. But those things won't be ready in the next year, it seems.

Everything Else

That's a lot of information to parse through. If it helps, here's a time zone converter. Missing a presentation due to a time mix-up would be unfortunate.

Interested in visiting E3 during the convention hours? Find out more about it at the official E3 website.


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